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red/nightvision headlamp cover

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  • red/nightvision headlamp cover

    I'm looking to make a red cover for my headlamp, as the red bulb is for inside-the-tent only. I want to be able to night-hike, with the full power light, but red. Has anyone ever tried that brake light repair tape? I worry the adhesive would mess up the clear lens if I swapped it on and off.
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    You might try a theater gel sheet such as these:


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      Depending on your headlamp's manufacturer they might already make such a device for you. One of my older Petzl lamps didn't come with a red bulb but I was able to find a variety of red filters to fit it. I believe my options were wide angle, focused, or just a plain red lens filter. The old military standard issue "L" flashlights also had red lens filters that worked well. One could easily be trimmed to fit your lamp and you could probably pick up a pack of them at your local Army-Navy surplus shop for a dollar or two.
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