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    halocline Unless its going to be a bitterly cold day, I wear the Mammut XT GTX. I had originally bought these for backpacking but found them to be way too hot and stiff for summer. Its really an all leather mountaineering boot.

    For brutally cold days I go with the Adidas Holtanna II. For me these are really for the coldest of cold days though. They're too warm for me on mild to average winter days.
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    • halocline
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      I was up the area for the week between Christmas and New Years and used the Lowas on some pretty cold days. They worked great with snowshoes.

    • FlyFishingandBeer
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      halocline Which ones?

      Edit: My bad. You said Mountain Experts.

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    Bunchberry re. non-technical winter hiking boots - I recently got a pair of Summit County's although there were some bad web reviews re. lack of dependable waterproofing and dubious temp spec. I couldn't get any feedback on either of those negatives from "Project 100" - they did however fit me poorly (never been a fan of Keen fit/foot last anyway). The heel bites when ascending enough to make it very annoying, slightly painful, and a deal-breaker. Returned them. I just got a pair of Salomon Toundras and really like them. No fit issues and very comfortable. These are basically the same in performance - the shanks have about the same stiffness - the Summit County's have a slightly more aggressive tread - but the Toundras are really sticky - and both perform the same going up and down on snowy trails with crust or powder.. For a boot used with snowshoes, snow scrambling, and trail crampon use - a good choice. I've had them out for the day in the snow storm in the Hudson Highlands and will definitely keep them. Note -both boots were purchased 1/2 size larger for extra socks. Both are on sale at REI and elsewhere.


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      The Moutaineer in Saratoga? I was only aware of the one in Keene.


      • Makwa
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        Not Mountaineer. Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co in Saratoga...

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        Ahhhhhh right on. The OP did write "Mountaineer" twice. No biggie obviously. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something in my backyard. I actually have Mountaineer business and would love to not drive two hours. But alas no. A Mountaineer in Saratoga just wouldn't make no sense anyway, haha. Thanks for the clarification. I'll have to check out this Mountainman Outdoor Supply sometime.