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  • Long pants recommendation?

    What is the best pair of long pants for hiking and camping in the hills? Looking for something light weight but tough. Would prefer something that is tough enough around the camp site to not get holes easily when on the knees or working hard, and to keep off bugs. And good for hiking also, though somewhat secondary. I hate the zip off pant legs type of pants. This would be for camping spring summer and fall, and hiking when the weather suggests long pants.

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    You're gonna laugh but the Bear Grylls Survivor Trousers by Craghoppers. The Bear Grylls name/ logo on them is the only drawback. They wear like iron. I've bushwhacked in them maybe a dozen times and they are tough. Also lightweight and dry quickly. Have lots of great features. Just an awesome pair of pants. I highly recommend them. If you don't believe me check out the review videos on youtube.

    Details here...

    If you look around enough you can get a decent deal on them. They're pricey otherwise. Also... I ordered one size up. Needed 34 but bought 36. Loose in the waist but fit perfect everywhere else. Read the reviews as sizing can be an issue with these pants.


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      "Survival Trousers"


      No doubt part of a line of Survival Shirts, Socks, Underwear ...

      Looking for Views!


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        It definitely is. Bear Grylls slaps his name on everything but these pants are very high quality. Craghoppers makes some nice stuff. I feel like a total boob with his name on my leg but I can't argue with how the pants perform.

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      On my aborted PCT trip, Prana pants were popular with the guys who wore them (pants). Seemed to hold up, although it wasn't really mountaineering type work.
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        I wear clothing from Rohan. They make durable clothing. Light weight, but strong.
        Nothing like being in the woods.


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          I like these zip-off pants from LL Bean. All synthetic so they dry fast, and are lightweight. Get the tan color, that way you can spot ticks easily. Zip-offs are great because you can go either with way with them (oh dear! ). I've had other zip-offs and none have lasted like the Beans.

          If price is a factor, go to Wal/K-Mart and get some Dickies. These are janitor pants. They're are not stylish, but last forever, dry fairly fast as they are a blend of cotton/poly and cost about $15.00. Long pants only, tho.


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            +1 for Dickies (or knockoff). I wear them doing yardwork and they're nearly indestructible. The cotton blend would worry me upstate though, but perfect for drier climates.
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              Originally posted by All Downhill From Here View Post
              +1 for Dickies (or knockoff). I wear them doing yardwork and they're nearly indestructible. The cotton blend would worry me upstate though, but perfect for drier climates.
              Yeah, the dickies are slower to dry than pants made with all synthetics, but all in all, not bad. Better than blue jeans!


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                While slightly unorthodox, I recommend these. Quick drying, tough, high-vis, snug enough to avoid getting tangled and caught on everything, and possibly helpful on tough scrambles.

                My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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                  Second these lol

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                EB First Ascent Guide Pro pant


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                  My friend tried Bear Grylls Survivor Trousers (yeah, I laughed too) and really liked them. Maybe I will give them a try myself.


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                    For dayhiking/weekending the AT where I live, I wore a pair of REI Sahara pants for well over a decade. I had to patch a few tears (from the inside) with Gorilla Tape, and the tape survived every trip through the washing machine. I recently picked up a pair of the Columbia Silver Ridge pants from Amazon for under 30 bucks. They are a thin rip-stop material, but feel durable to me, and they have a loose cut, which I like since I'm not a member of the skinny-jeans generation. The belt they come with sucks, so that is a needed replacement.

                    My NY/NH "real mountain" pants, for many years, have been a pair of thick Mountain Hardwear pants with slant pockets on the thighs. I don't know model name, but having looked far and wide, I can't find a similar pair from any manufacturer. I'm worried that my current pair will wear out from taking too many butt-slides down ledges. If I had the finances at the time, I would have gotten a second pair.


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                      Originally posted by Groundpounder View Post
                      The belt they come with sucks, so that is a needed replacement.
                      I agree the belts that comes with most hiking pants are terrible, I like to replace with a good old fashion web style belt with the two metal loops for easy tightening during the day. I personally have a pair of Columbia's and an off brand that I think I bought at like Gander Mountain somewhere, but they both do just fine.

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                        I'm a big fan of Patagonia's Gi III pant. They're lightweight, but are more than tough enough to stand up to dense bushwhacking, which is my primary use for themThey have a gusseted crotch, which for me is a must. I also like that they're not super baggy, but have plenty of room for free movement, and only have one zipped, low-profile but roomy side-pocket—plenty big enough to hold a map, camera (iPhone), & analog altimeter. I've found that cargo pockets like those on the REI Sahara get caught on branches while bushwhacking and end up tearing. My REI Sahara convertible pants also have gotten tears around the ankles. I have yet to have that problem with the Patagucci Gi III. The khaki color may be better for spotting ticks, but the grey version is better for deer season. Lastly, they come in three different inseam lengths: 30", 32", & 34".



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                          I hear what you are saying. I rarely ever walk brushy trails, let alone bushwhack anything, due to my fear of ticks. I haven't had Lyme disease yet, but I want to try to avoid it by avoiding their turf!

                          My Sahara pants did rip at the ankles from briars. The Silver Ridge pants are a tad bit thicker, and ripstop. At $27 dollars from Amazon, it was a pretty good deal. Since I don't go off trail very often anymore, I like the side cargo pockets. I'm a long-legged guy, so it is difficult for me to find pants in a 34" inseam. I'll have to check out the Gi III as a potential replacement for my near and dear MH pants. Thanks!