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    I'm interested in any thoughts my fellow hikers have on The North Face solo tents. My 20+ year old NF tent recently died, and since it had a lifetime warranty TNF sent me a gift card to purchase a new tent. The only catch is that I have to use it to buy a TNF product.

    So it looks like my choices for a TNF solo tent are the Triarch 1, Mica 1, and Stormbreak 1.

    I'm 6'1", and as long as I'm dry and don't have to carry an excess amount of weight I'm happy. I've read the reviews, but it's always good to have more opinions. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has one of these tents. My primary use will be 2-3 night backpacks in the High Peaks as I work on my 46er completion.


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    Good on them for honoring that lifetime guarantee. That changes my opinion of TNF. If I had to buy one of those, I'd get the Mica because it's a little longer and a little lighter.


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      Thanks for your thoughts. The Mica looks good on paper, though the small number of online reviews that I found are mixed.


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        I think finding anything other than mixed reviews about TNF products is going to be a challenge.

        To expand on my comments, I think longer is important because it gives you more room to pack stuff inside the tent. It's easier to put a pack at your feet than to stuff it on the side and spoon with it.

        The fly fabric is also marginally stronger (than Triarch). The pole design on Mica looks much simpler to setup (Triarch hasn't that weird extended tip to pull out the head area fabric)


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          Thanks again for your input. I plan to chew on this for a couple more days, and unless something new pops up I will order the Mica.