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Struggling to find info on my Tubbs Flex TRK snowshoes regarding DIY repair etc.

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  • Struggling to find info on my Tubbs Flex TRK snowshoes regarding DIY repair etc.

    I have two pair of ex-rental Tubbs Flex TRK snow shoes. Both pair are currently 100% working fine, and are about five seasons old. They cost me $15 each, and appear to have an MSRP of $150. So I'm well ahead right now. On the other pairs for sale when I purchased my two from the rental shop, the others all had a broken heel strap. So although my ones are fine, it would appear with rental use, the heel straps eventually break. I don't want to have this happen on a trip.

    I have found that you basically have to send off the shoes to a couple of approved service centers to have the straps replaced when they break (as they are riveted on and require new straps which are not obviously for sale anywhere). I am thinking about being proactive and replacing them in advance (as then I should get years out of them before a breakage). I guess my questions are:

    1) Should I just front up the money to post them to the Oregon service centre and pay the service fee to fix them up in advance? That'll likely cost me $100 once p&p + service is done. I'll still have saved some money (and carbon footprint) over buying new, but not a ton.
    2) Should I drill out the original strap rivets and use bolts to affix the new straps? (As I have acquired one set of new straps, and may be able to get a second set)
    3) More interestingly, is there a way to affix a different strap from another brand (MSR?)? Some have more of a ratcheting ski buckle thing, some have BOA closures. Perhaps that'd be more sensible?

    These are nice plastic/metal snow shoes suitable for day hiking or possibly light overnight if the snow isn't too deep/loose. They're 24'' long etc. I'm rather pragmatic about it, as it was going to cost as much to rent them for a weekend as it cost to buy, so even if I only got one more trip out of them, I'm ahead. It would be nice to have them reliable and ready to use for years though.



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    How about just buying new bindings from Tubbs, and/or fixing them yourself when possible?

    Then there's doing a thorough inspection for crampon cracks.
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    I might be kidding...