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Anti Fog For Goggles?

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  • Anti Fog For Goggles?

    Anyone use any type of anti fogger for goggles or have a recommendation for sun glasses/snow goggles to help against snowblind?

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    Goggles usually have an anti-fog material on the inside. I use Catcrap on my glasses and sunglasses


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      If you are sweating heavily, nothing will work with goggles (moisture trapped inside with little ventilation or convection). If you are wearing glasses under the goggles, it is even worse.


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        Cat crap is horrible in my experience. It has never worked. It's also supposed to be the best.


        • Adk Keith
          Adk Keith commented
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          And so you have an alternative?

          Of course the answer is to ventilate and not get that hot in the first place.

        • t.farrell
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          Embrace the suck, breathe forcefully with your mouth, and get a face mask with holes.

        • Hear the Footsteps
          Hear the Footsteps commented
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          There are goggles with small ventilating fans. Avoid wearing glasses if you are able. Save them for above tree line and windy conditions much better then.