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Winter travel efficiency

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    It's interesting to have a read back at this thread since I've had time to play with my 10x34 last winter. Especially the small shoes / self belay technique, which I still have to give a good try.

    I broke trail from Avalanche lake to uphill right after the big storm last March. I honestly can't see how I would have managed that with small shoes. Most of the time I just use the 7x21, but with snow to mid thigh, the flotation of the bigger shoes is really nice. With televators distributing the weight across the whole deck on inclines and the weight coming in a 2.2 ppp (pounds per shoe ), I have not found myself wishing I had anything else. I can see how the small could work well kicking steps, but what about the flats?


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      This is a great thread, it confirms everything that I thought was terrible about deep snow hiking. Thanks!
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        Great to revive
        I'm strengthening my hip flexors now in prep for trail breaking
        Deep Snow !!!!


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          Interesting thread!
          I was lucky enough to consult with one of the few people to ever have hiked the ADK-HH in winter. I asked if it would be a good idea to have 30'' snowshoes and the response was an instant and enthusiastic affirmative. In fact, he said after doing a few off-trail peaks with 25-inchers he went out and bought the 30-inchers, which was a huge improvement.