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Replacing rivets on MSR Evo Ascents

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  • Replacing rivets on MSR Evo Ascents

    I've lost a couple rivets on my Evo's, where the bottom portion of the binding is attached to the metal plate with the crampon. I just got off the phone with MSR and while they are willing to replace the entire binding (nice offer) that doesn't work for the middle of my hiking season.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for hardware that I could use to fix it?

    Thank you in advance...
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    Nuts and bolts of the appropriate size and length
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      Originally posted by HRS Nomad View Post
      Nuts and bolts of the appropriate size and length
      I replaced my rivets in my Northern Lites with appropriate sized nuts and bolts. They are more field repairable than rivets anyway at the cost of a few grams. I carry a nut/bolt set with me.

      What I do suggest is use "nylok" (sp?) nuts or at least a thread locker like lock-tite or something on the threads so the nut will not unthread itself as easily.

      I've had no issues so far with the nylock nuts (which is a brand name) on my northern lites so far.


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        I'd use a lock nut.

        Ooops, Jay beat me to it...
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          Originally posted by HRS Nomad View Post
          Nuts and bolts of the appropriate size and length
          This is what I've done as well. They seem to be much more rugged and readily able to withstand constant stress than the original rivets. Washers are definitely necessary as the appropriate sized nut and bolt will likely to too narrow for the hole where the river was.

          Not a bad idea to carry a couple of nuts, bolts, and washers on winter trips in general. They can be field tightened well enough, or if you're the kind that carries a leatherman without everywhere, repaired for good.


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            You can field-repair an Evo's broken rivets and clevis pins using this:
            1. 10-32 x 1/2 inch machine screw
            2. 10-32 locknut
            3. flat washer

            The tip of a knife blade can serve as a screwdriver. You don't need pliers; the locknut can be adequately held in place between thumb and index finger. Much easier to operate than the tiny wire-ring that comes with MSR's clevis pins.

            The machine screw's ideal head shape would be "pan" but "round" or "dome" are more commonly available.

            The hole diameter for an Evo's rivets and clevis pins is the same; the 10-32 screw fits perfectly.

            The screw's drive should be Phillips (use tip of knife) or Slot (use knife blade) or a Phillips/Slot combo.

            The flat washer should be less than a 1/2-inch in diameter. It is needed for replacing the rivets used in an Evo's bindings. It is not needed for replacing clevis pins.

            A locknut is much easier to use in the field compared to the combination of a nut and lock-washer.

            To replace a clevis pin, use the machine screw and locknut.

            To replace a rivet, slip the washer onto the screw and insert it through the top of the binding. Thread the locknut on from below. The washer may not be necessary if you can find a machine screw with a very broad head of about 3/8" to 1/2" in diameter (rare).


            Here are examples of what's available from Home Depot. Total cost is about $3 and allows you to fix at least four failed rivets/clevis pins.

            6-pack of 10-32 x 1/2-inch Phillips-Slotted Pan-Head Machine Screws

            4-pack of 10-32 Nylon Locknuts

            1/4-inch flat washers
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              Thank you gentlemen for the information!
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              NE 111 113/115

              One list may be done, but the journey is far from over...
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                After reading about so many broken snowshoes lately and having a buddy's Tubbs FlexAlps break, anyone know what's best to carry for emergency repair of those? I always thought twist ties and key rings would suffice, but they can't handle the abuse.