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using trekking poles = slower?

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    Originally posted by Winterberry25 View Post
    Agreed. I use them probably 50% of the time, if I used them more I would probably become efficient. As of now, if I am on flats with a normal weighted pack I find they slow me down, because I think about placement, unlike with my feet which literally function as an extension of my body(until I become fatigued that is).

    OK so I'm not crazy and/or the only one. I think for future LD hikes on flat, I'll leave them home, or maybe bring 1 and stow it as needed.


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      Iíve noticed that I tend to slow down on a flat to moderate surface. I hold my poles in one hand while I walk flat. On a moderate grade, I will test it like climbing a staircase and take it one step at a time. Only on a real steep climb up, will I use the poles and on the way down. The only time I use poles on the flats is if I am very tired and unsteady. Iíll use them to balance myself and a crutch if my legs are really hurting.
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        2 poles. Leki. I use them all the time and only stowe them on the steepest sections in the Dax. Your arms can help take some of the pressure off your quads while digging in and climbing. On the way down you have balance and a safety net. Plant the poles first and then step down. With practice, its like they are not even there. 4 legs are better then 2.
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