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Broken foot rehab

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  • Broken foot rehab

    Anyone had a "Jones fracture" ? I'm crossing my fingers that I won't need surgery, but if you had this, how was the rehab process? Were you just pain-limited? Did you re-break it?
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    I'm not familiar with what a Jones Fracture is but I managed to stress fracture the outside of my foot a couple of years ago (top of 5th meta). Basically I kind of hobbled around for a few weeks and didn't engage in any physical activity that involved having to put full weight on both feet. After I could walk without a limp I started road biking, and a few weeks later I was hiking again, and within two months I was running. To be honest, the pain has never completely gone away. While I'm hiking or jogging its fine, but the next morning it feels like a fresh injury all over again, even though it isn't. I tried using custom orthotics which seemed to make it worse, then eventually said screw it and started putting Superfeet insoles in my shoes. Even today if I squeeze my foot from the sides I can feel a bit of acute pain in that area, but it only really gets achy until I'm back on my feet and moving again. Its very likely that I did something wrong when recovering from the injury, like not wearing an air cast or getting back on it too soon.
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      I can live with that, by biggest fear is that 3,6,12 months from now I re-break it. What was it about the superfeet that helped? (I wear them already).

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      Once I figured out how to size/trim them properly (arch length matters just as much as arch height), they became a huge help. I think its the fact that they use kind of a firm, almost hard, closed cell foam which absorbs shock but doesn't allow my foot to spread into the cushioning is what made the biggest difference. This is why I'm wary of any shoe that offers too much cushioning.

      I was reading through the article that Gerard posted and its pretty interesting. Has your doc said anything about keeping your foot elevated or wearing an aircast/boot? I think this is where I went wrong, by doing too much too soon without properly treating it. I should also add that we have this Tuscan faux stone tile on our house's first floor. Its pretty brutal to walk around on barefoot for long periods, so this may have slowed my healing as well. I should have been wearing house shoes or something after the break occurred.

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      I'm in a walking boot pretty much whenever I'm not sleeping or in the shower. It's been hard to watch the yard turn into a cornfield and leave other projects undone, but I'm trying to be good to it.

      My goal is to tackle the PCT again next April, so I want to do everything possible.

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    Nothing like being in the woods.