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preventing/treating chilblains

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  • preventing/treating chilblains

    Recently I find myself prone to chilblains - - Click image for larger version

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ID:	473040 (stock photo) after coming in from the cold.

    Has anyone experienced this, and have any tips on how to prevent and treat them? They're pretty uncomfortable.
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    Do you have warm enough loosely fitted boots?


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      Same boots as always, perhaps they have shrunk with the years? I get the normal "toes are numb because its cold" thing, but recently once I warm up I get the inflammation. Sign of age maybe?
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        That "your body is changing" talk your father gave you? I've often thought Dad should give us a similar chat at the *other* end of our lives.

        Son, do remember when you called me your "old man"? Well, welcome to the club!

        Hair will fall out where it's always been and grow where it's never been.

        Your joints will become a good substitute for a barometer.

        Expect longer teeth because "long in the tooth" isn't just a goofy phrase.

        Tomorrow I'll tell you about the prostate and something called shingles.

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      I've got it! Don't hike in the winter!

      "Doctor, it hurts when I do that!"

      "So don't do that!

      Sorry, I had to pull your leg (or toes in this case)


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        Since it is an overreaction of nerves causing inflammation, the best you can do is have roomy insulated boots, good liner socks, and good outer socks taking care to keep your feet dry. Also, you should avoid pressure on the toes such as with snowshoe bindings which can reduce circulation. I did see on one site a recommendation that you do not quickly warm up your feet when you come in from the cold, for example, with warm water or a heat source like a woodstove.


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          Good idea about the snowshoes. It seems like it's getting worse, I've heard that once you get frostbite you're more prone to it, ever hear anyway to 'reset' your feet back to being less sensitive?
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