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Training for June 27th

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  • Training for June 27th

    My training has been sporadic since, I began this year in January. I have worn my backpack and loaded it with 15 pounds of water to simulate an actual load on a hike. I have lost some weight, but not nearly enough that I wanted to reach. My legs have also been hurting from cramps. More than usual. I have had to take a few days off to rest them. On the plus side, I am moving pretty well. Climbing up hills and steps have not tired me out. For Gothics and Armstrong, I will my chances at 50%.
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    Keep up the good work, Gerard! You can do it!!
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      The cramping is probably from not enough glycogen in the muscles. Training and weight loss at the same time is a balancing act. Weight loss should not surpass 1 lb a week and while losing weight you should eat more protein than normal Training also increases the need for protein so whatever the normal requirement is for someone your age you should increase it by a hefty margin. Keep at it and you shall overcome whatever barriers are in your way.
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        Hope to see you out there


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          Do easy walks instead of resting a few days, it'll get the blood flowing. Cramping is normal when you're not used to the effort, just keep at it and don't spread your training too far, good shape comes back very fast.

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            Good luck safe up there and have fun! I'd love to come up and tag along, but I have to work that day. I'm kind of missing the peaks already. I may have to plan something before winter just for fun. Anyway, Good luck!

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              Good luck dude. Its going to be fun for sure