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  • Warming up

    Into my second week of training for the Spring/Summer hiking season. Started with 30 min a day on the treadmil. I have been recording my workouts on Daily Mile, sent to me by Susan. As always, I have some help. Been using a Carb blocker product that has worked like a charm. Kept my weight at the same spot for about 4 months. Thank goodness. I loaded up my day pack with about 10 pounds of water. When I head outside, I will be wearing it on all of my walks. Today, I added an extra 5 min. I think I can be up to about 45-60 min eventually. I will be doing my usual 3 mile round trips on the boardwalk, followed by a hike to the VZ bridge. After that my annual 16 mile loop to 65th street Pier. I am planning an over night in Harriman State Park around June 4th. I will be doing some more over nights at the Lean-to's as i move along with the 46. Taking the good advice of many, who think I should be splitting my hikes. Prudence is the better part of valor. I'm hoping this year will be better and healthier. Thanks to all of you who have given me great support through good times and bad.
    Nothing like being in the woods.

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    You keep at it Gerard! I have the utmost confidence that you will make great progress towards your hiking goals this season. Planning and training are great tools toward helping you on your way to accomplishment, but don't forget to enjoy yourself along the way too!

    Did you ever reach a decision on a new pack, or is that piece of the puzzle still in the works? I am curious to know if you have checked anything out yet or if you have any models in mind which have struck your interest.

    BTW, its discression that is the better part of valour.
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      Actually it's "discretion"...just sayin'. Good luck Gerard!

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    Thanks for the correction there. I have not decided on a new pack yet. I have a ways to go, yet. Getting started is always the hardest. It will get easier as I go along. Can't wait to get back into the woods. Also, I hope to start Winter hiking in another year or two. Good way to stay in shape all year long.
    Nothing like being in the woods.


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      Good luck Gerard. Hopefully you will take your training serious this year as the older you get the higher they get.
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        Thanks, Ed. Hopefully, I will stay healthy this year. I had a serious sinus infection that lingered for a few months after that hike. The doctor said that it was so deep that the antibiotics i was taking only calmed it down. It flared up big time in September. Had to take high doses of Augmentin to kill it. Had massive nose bleeds and headaches. Might be the polyps I have.
        I'm doing about 40 min on the treadmil. Keeping track of my works on Daily Mile. As the weather warms, I will begin my usual hikes to the bridge and around Prospect Park.