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  • Mileage and Vertical Ascent

    I'm looking for the mileage and vertical ascent for a northbound hike starting at Upper Works and using the Calamity Brook trail to Flowed Lands/Lake Colden; Lake Colden Northwest Shore Trail; Avalanche Lake/Pass; Avalanche Camp; Marcy Dam; Van Hoevenberg Trail and ending at the HPIC. Also, the mileage and vertical ascent for a southbound hike starting at ADK Loj and returning to Upper Works via Rocky Falls, Scott's Clearing, Indian Pass; Summit Rock and Indian Pass to Upper Works Trail.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    Go to zoom in on Upper Works... go to the upper right corner to change view to MapBuilder Topo which will display all of the trails, then start figuring out the elevation profile for each section of your hike. You can right click then choose "measure" then "profile" to do this. Single click to pick a start point, then select the section of trail, then double click the end point. The ele profile will show up on the screen. Do this with each section you noted above and add it all up.


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      A circumnavigation of the MacIntyres. Could be a wet thing to do. They run northeast and southwest, but I suppose a step closer to north and south if you're looking at magnetic north.
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        The following are estimates produced by BRouter. BRouter's distances tend to be fairly accurate but it usually underestimates the ascent (5-10%) when compared to measurements made by a barometric altimeter.

        Route 1: Upper Works to ADK Loj via Avalanche Pass.
        11.56 mi, 1673 ft (18.6 km, 510 m)

        Route 2: ADK Loj to Upper Works via Indian Pass.
        10 mi, 1047 ft (16.1 km, 319 m)
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          Makwa and Trail Boss,

          Thanks for the helpful information.

          Makwa, it took me a while to skillfully manipulate the tracing of the elevation profile, but I did get better. Now I just have to remember the sequence of steps, so I don't have to keep starting over again. The stats I came up with are in the same ballpark (if you include the Rose Bowl) with the response from Trail Boss. I came up with, Northbound: 10.7 miles and 1659' of elevation gain and Southbound: 9.75 miles and 1466' of accumulative vertical ascent. (That vertical is far enough off to give me incentive for a "do over". (The story of my life!) Thanks again for your help and tutorial.


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            Assuming you're using a PC or Mac, if you move your mouse pointer over the elevation profile shown on the left hand side, it'll indicate the precise position, and altitude, on the map.

            Basically, it'll tell you what you probably already know and that's the highest point northbound is Avy Pass and southbound it's Indian Pass.
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