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    Seems most people do it via Lake Arnold, but isn't it more pleasant to do it via Avalanche Lake/Lake Colden? I'm getting conflicting information regarding which route is longer/has more elevation gain. Planning to do it tomorrow (cool, damp day) and fording the floating logs isn't appealing... any insight?
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    I don't have the distance and elly figures handy but personally the Avalanche>Colden route slows me down considerably. On the other hand, its much more scenic.The downside of the Lake Arnold route is having to hike back up to LA just to descend again on the return to the LOJ. The upside of this route is that the descent from LA to Uphill is very quick.
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      True.. Avalanche lake can be slow getting around, especially with a small dog. Now I'm leaning towards Arnold. Thanks for the thoughts.
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        No problem. If you haven't crossed the floating bridges before, just give a little test step before putting all your weight on them. IIRC a left plank towards the beginning (after coming down from LA) is completely unattached along the shoreline. I went thigh deep on that one during my last crossing. If your shoes don't dry out quickly, it might be worth it just to take them off and cross barefoot.

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      The ascent/re-ascent of Lake Arnold adds more elevation, but it's the shortest route. It's the flooded Feldspar which makes this route a mess. You can always go from Upper Works, which is a little bit longer but has less elevation gain.
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        The Av Lake route is certainly longer, but when comparing the ascent figures, don't forget that there is also ascent involved in getting back up to Av Pass on the way back. The Lake Arnold route may only net out at two or three hundred extra feet. With the dry weather lately, might be the best the floating bridges have been all season.


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          Originally posted by Faline View Post
          .... Planning to do it tomorrow (cool, damp day) and fording the floating logs isn't appealing...
          ​"cool damp day" .. precisely what is discouraging me from heading into the Santanoni Range tomorrow. Overnight rain tapering off to early morning showers and near-freezing temps rising to just enough to disallow anything to dry. That's "Cold Carwash" conditions along the narrow trails in the Santanonis. Feh. Sunday looks worlds better ... but it's the start of October and all new hiking objectives for me.

          ​I hiked Cliff and Redfield from Upper Works last Sunday. Mileage is virtually the same as from the Loj but less ascent. Ascent via Avy Pass vs Lake Arnold is almost equivalent, just a touch less.

          ​Here are the estimates using BRouter.

          Cliff and Redfield from Upper Works
          30 km, 1100 m

          Cliff and Redfield from ADK Loj (via Lake Arnold)
          29 km, 1285 m

          Cliff and Redfield from ADK Loj (via Avy Pass)
          ​30.9 km, 1256 m

          ​BTW, the posted ascent values are fine for comparing ​one route to another. Don't interpret the posted ascent as the absolute truth. BRouter typically underestimates total ascent. My trip to C&R from UW recorded a bit more than what BRouter predicted. Anyway you slice it, a trip to C&R involves more mileage and ascent than to Allen. If you're just heading to Redfield then the dimensions are very similar to Allen ... minus the greasy, unrelentingly steep final ascent to the summit.
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            This cold, damp Saturday is my last opportunity for at least a month. At least the trail is mostly wide enough to not get the Cold Carwash like on narrower trails. I find the weather forecast for the high peaks somewhat unreliable though, crossing fingers it doesn't continue to rain during the day!!

            Thanks for the feedback. Starting from the Loj as I'm hiking Yard the next day, way closer. Just doing Redfield and hiked Allen last weekend so hopefully it goes ok!
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