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Poll: Do You Hike With Music?

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    I feel isolated from my surroundings with headphones, so only use them in places I'd rather not be (airplanes, waiting rooms, etc. - never hiking)

    However while hiking, I nearly always have a tune going through my head, usually to the beat of pounding boots on dirt, and with an unintentional whistle escaping my lips on occasion. For some reason this has been the Pixies' "Vamos" for the past dozen or so hikes...


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      In the ADK's I can't say I've ever listened to music. I could however see the benefit if hiking with someone that is 'obnoxiously conversive' lol. Usually I hike alone and totally enjoy the peace and quiet. My mom started hiking with me again the last couple trips (we hadn't hiked together in over 15 years!) and we are both generally quite people so it works well.

      This reminds me of somewhat frequent discussion on a running forum I am on about listening to music. While running I do more often than not have the earbuds in. Others criticize that you need to hear nature and whatnot, but since I do enjoy real nature hiking in the mountains, the rail trail that I run that parallels the highway doesn't seem to constitute much nature and often times the sound of 55-65mph traffic is all that can be heard.
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