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Night Hiking to Mars.

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  • Night Hiking to Mars.

    While perusing, I discovered Shane "Jester" O'Donnell's humorous blog called "Night Hiking to Mars". If you're into hiking (if you're not, why are you here?) and want a chuckle, I encourage you to read his blog. His latest one is a "review" of an all-natural solution for preventing tick bites called the "Pack Possum" (tongue firmly in cheek).

    ​The few AT thru-hikers who grace this forum might get a laugh from his "The Northern Terminus Of The Appalachian Trail: A Modest Proposal". Even if you're not a thru-hiker, you can empathize with "... after two months of eating them, Clif Bars taste like cardboard and despair​."

    ​If you're not in the mood for lots of reading then check out his two volume set of Hiking Memes.

    ​My fave is:

    Although this one is a close second:

    ​He's a "Triple Crown" hiker (AT, PCT, CDT). He sells videos of his adventures. Despite their title(s), the trailer(s) look like fun:

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    Funny stuff! Telling it like it is. There have been times on the trail when I was wishing I was at work. However, there have been more times at work when I was wishing I was on the trail. I have never been on the trail when I was wishing I was having my prostate palpated although on some bushwhacks my prostate has been probed by the cripplebush.
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      Ugh. This is just making me want to spend a day or two in the mountains this summer. (And reminding me that I still have almost 32 years to go until I can start my own thru-hike)
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        After 2 seconds of eating them, clif bars taste like cardboard...


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          The despair sets in far earlier than two months..