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    on SPOT. I first acquired a Gen1 SPOT in 2008, while preparing for the first ever Yukon River 1000 mile canoe race in 2009, because it was a requirement to use it according to the new race rules. Racers were required to demonstrate they knew how to use it with test messages before coming to the Yukon and being allowed to enter the race. We were cautioned and warned that if we failed to transmit SPOT messages at certain times, a 30 minute time penalty would be added to our official finish time for each missed transmission. Since relatively big money was involved, this could be a big deal. Counter to the cautions and detailed instruction provided, some teams chose to put their device in a pocket or in a pack or otherwise did not mount it correctly so that the antenna was pointed at the open sky. As a result, some teams were assessed as much as 9 hours of time penalties. But since my SPOT was mounted on the bow deck where I could control and monitor it, my team's time was clean. Since then I have taken that same Gen1 and a then new Gen2 on three more races down the Yukon, and am getting ready to do it again this coming June.

    One set of lithium batteries will last at least 3 days of continuous use (minus 6 hours per "night" of required stops to camp in the river).
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      ​There's a good thread on about: inReach Explorer+ and long trips
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