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Anyone planning a trip to Seymour this weekend?

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  • Anyone planning a trip to Seymour this weekend?

    A couple of us REALLY want to get up Seymour this weekend. With the summer trail head closed and multiple feet of new snow we are reaching out to see if there will be any additional shoes on the trail to help break it out. We will camp at Ward Brook Lean-to.

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    I might attempt heading in there on Saturday with my partner. We would be on skis until the climb. No guarantees yet though, given the amount of snow, we may just skip peak bagging and instead simply enjoy the powder.


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      Over a meter of freshies at Sutton yesterday.

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    Nice meeting you at the parking lot Glennypete! How did your trip go? Our ski was somewhat epic, as it took us nearly 10 hours to break trail around the loop in the funky snow conditions.


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      Nice meeting you too. 'Epic' was the exact word we used. Breaking through that wet snow to Ward Brook was a chore. After recovering from that for a few hours we broke out half the trail up Seymour and then summited Sunday morning to get out by 6. Funky it was!


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        Congrats on tackling Seymour expedition style!