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First ever winter hike tomorrow. Not sure which mountain...

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  • First ever winter hike tomorrow. Not sure which mountain...

    Tomorrow I'm heading out on my first winter high peak. Just got new snowshoes, fixing my spikes, have tons of layers and gonna try out my new backpack.

    But the question is where the hell should I go?

    Living in Vermont, the adk and the whites are each an hour and a half to two hours away.

    I've been thinking of doing Lincoln and Lafayette in the whites as it is not too hard of a hike and is epic with the above tree line, but I feel like I should ease into it...

    I was also thinking of giant mountain, but not sure if I'm up for rocky peak yet just yet so I will probably scratch that one. Hell I could do cascade and porter to ease myself into it.

    Such a hard choice out of the 99, 4000 footers within a 2 hour drive.

    Right now I'm leaning towards the whites because of a less chance of snow showers and sunny in the morning... even though I prefer hiking in the adk. But I'm also leaning towards the whites as the hikes are generally easier.

    Hm... Any suggestions? Help me make up my mind!
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    In your home town: Killington from Wheelerville road is a nice trail. It is really steep near the summit. If that is not enough and you have time, drive over Lincoln for Abe or to Huntington and do Camel's Hump.

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      Good trail, I love that hike. But I'm ontop of that mountain multiple times a week! Haha. Lincoln is also a great hike. I'm anxious for something more, the hiking in the whites and adk are far superior to anything in Vermont if you ask me. The views and wilderness are what I'm after

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      Editing a comment Man, I wish I was close enough to play on that mountain multiple times per week. Even multiple time per season would be awesome. You work there?

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    You missed it by a day for Giant/RPR. Tomorrow won't be like today.

    I'm doing something small in the ADKs tomorrow, haven't made up my mind yet.
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      That's another reason I think I'm going to the whites, the weather is going to hold out a little longer
      ADK - 35/46
      Whites - 25/48
      North East - 68/115
      Catskills - 9/35


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        Above tree line in the Winter can be its own special type of heaven, or, h@ll. If as you said, the weather starts coming in, I'd get down below tree line ASAP.

        And I must say that 'familiarity breeds contempt' concerning your assessment of the Green mountains.
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          Wow what an unbelievable day on the Franconia ridge! Not a gust of wind. Clear skies the whole day.

          TFR - my comments about Vermont - every hike here leads to or is the long trail, with a lot of exceptions, but all high peaks here can be hiked and completed within 5 miles, and all feel like cascade to me... I like a little more from my hikes. But I cannot complain to have them in my back yard! Almost every peak has a ski resort intruding on it and it really takes away from the experience for me. Plus every valley is littered with towns and humanity... Where in adk and whites you get that wilderness feeling, especially in the adk.

          I also have a weird criticism of Vermont as it seems the people here, (maybe it's just the ski bums I know) they don't even know the Adirondacks or the whites even exist even though we see them from Killington every day... But I think was also goes along with this is I know tons of people in the whites, that only hike the whites, and people in the adk who only know the adk. like this one guy who has hiked the 48 every year for the past 10 years... I found it very strange that he knew very little of the Adirondacks, you would think someone who's hiking that much would even know they existed, or to be curious to try them out!
          ADK - 35/46
          Whites - 25/48
          North East - 68/115
          Catskills - 9/35