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X-Country Skis -- recommendation?

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  • X-Country Skis -- recommendation?

    I'm going to get into cross-country skiing next winter, so I am looking for recommendations for skis, shoes, and other equipment for XC. Here's my focus:

    1. Use primarily in (not limited to) the ADK High Peaks region for trails such as South Meadows, Avalanche Pass, much of the trail to Allen (b4 Allen Brook), and the like.

    2. For making good time on said trails. So when I get to the base of a peak, take them off and put on the snow shoes or crampons.

    3. May try and ascend some peaks entirely in XC skis (seems like a neat challenge).

    I'm not looking to go and spend a boat-load of $$$ just to get the top-of-the-line, primo equipment, but not looking to get cheap crap (stuff with poor wear-and-tear) either. Thanks
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    I use Fischer Country Crowns, 10cm shorter than recommended for my weight. I switched from "proper" length Fischer E99's, so I didn't have to mess with wax and the shorter length was more manueverable in the peaks. The Crowns are noticeably slower than the E99 and use a synthetic edge, vs the metal edge on the E99, but are hastle-free and give me more control. I don't do aggressive descents with them, so I dont miss the metal edge. Rosignol BC boots, and Leki Makalus w/ snowflakes (if I'm in the peaks, vs. standard length poles for kicking around). These are great for general BC skiing, but obviously pale in comparison to Teles when descending.


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      I have Rossi BC 65 waxless skis and Rossi BC X5 boots. I've used them on the South Meadows approach and Whiteface toll road.
      They would work well on the trails you mention when carrying the extra weight of a pack & snowshoes. I won't ski on anything real aggresive though.

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        Anyone have any experience w/ the Altai Hoks?

        I would like to give skis a go for the first time in my life but the limits imposed by second growth and the cost of a whole new set of footwear and the like have prevented me. But these stubby guys and the possibility of universal bindings leave me intrigued.


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          Rossi BC65's are a nice ski, but insufficient for skinning up & descending high peaks. You want something fatter and curvier for that, with a stiffer boot.
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