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Peak weather this past week?

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  • Peak weather this past week?

    The weather this week has been wet and transitional in Watertown, and I was wondering if any Keene Valley folks could tell me if there has been any snow accumulation in the peaks since last weekend? Thanks for any info!

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    Earlier in the week their had been reports from ranger of 8" of new snow at Lake Colden. So if there was that there I'm sure the peaks got more. How much of it is still there...I don't know. Check
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      Looking for Views!


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        Yeah, there is a noticeable amount of new snow at higher elevations. As of this morning on Debar Mountain, there was about 3-4 inches of fresh snow at about 2,400 feet, and nearly a foot of fresh snow (with 2 foot drifts) on the summit, at 3,300 feet.


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          Thanks for the update, DSettahr. I think I'm going to take my brother's offer to go fishing with him instead of hiking this weekend. Right now a beer and a fishing rod by a brook sounds more inviting than fresh, soft snow in the peaks.