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Best Water Bottle Insulator for Winter?

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    Originally posted by pete_hickey View Post
    Get a dog. Much better. It'll walk by itself and maybe even carry some of your gear up until you eat it.
    And when you get too cold, whip out your lightsaber and ... well... you know the rest.
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      I know I'm resurecting an old thread, but it has good information and is becoming relevant this time of year.

      I built a quick bottle jacket out of an old foam pad last year. I ended up loosing the cap in high winds so I needed to build version two. This is to be used on a three days presi traverse.

      I made it with a 1cm foil faced closed cell pad, laminated on the outside with nylon. Everything is glued with 3M Super 77. The cap and jacket are tapered so it tightly seals by simply pressing the cap on and easily slides off when twisting to open it. The jacket slips into a webbing harness to which the cap is secured. That way I can bring the jacket in my sleeping bag for slow heat release. The harness clips into my pack's chest strap with two small biniers and the bottle is fitted with a GSI quick straw for easy hudration on the move.

      I tested it with 125f water in the freezer at 0f. After 14 hours the water was a bit iced with maybe 1/8th of an inch crust at the top. I took measurements for the first 6 hours and calculated the heat transfet coefficient with which I figured I would be good for 7 hours at -40. Any 32oz won't last me more than 4 hours anyway. Weight comes in at 3.3 oz.


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        I am a new member, but I am sharing the best insulated water bottle I purchased 2 months back. It works in all climate.
        Are you looking for an insulated water bottle, and donít know where to start on? Well, here we are with our review on best insulated water bottles.


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          Originally posted by charles839 View Post
          I am a new member, but I am sharing the best insulated water bottle I purchased 2 months back. It works in all climate.
          Hi Charles, welcome!

          I'll note, however, that those bottles have warnings not to freeze them. I'm sure they work perfectly late in the season, but in the middle of winter where the high temperature is 10F, I don't think you'd want to take them on a 10-hour hike.

          And I'll add that what Edelpeddle stated above is what I now do. (Another forum member showed it to me.) Wool sock inside an insulated cover, works.
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            I use the EMS brand $15 attachable insulated bottle carriers for my Nalgene bottles. They easily and securely attach to my winter pack's waist strap. On really cold days I'll toss a hand warmer in the bottom of the carrier, but it rarely comes to needing that. I'll also fill smaller disposable water bottles and keep with in my shell's mesh goggle pocket. I've found body heat to be the best insulator.
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            • Biji
              Biji commented
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              Frankly, I don't think EMS has made or carried theirs for a few years now. I like it better than OR's in every way and at half the price. Oh well.

            • FlyFishingandBeer
              FlyFishingandBeer commented
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              Biji I'd try calling around to individual stores as soon as you start seeing Fall products hit their website. I most recently picked up my newest one in the winter of 16/17 and I didn't have any reason to look for them last year. As hot of an item as they've been for EMS, I can't imaging they'd stop producing them altogether... but then again maybe they would.

            • debmonster
              debmonster commented
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              If you can't find the EMS insulated carrier (of which I own 2), I've also had great luck using the 40 Below brand:

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            I have bought Forty Below Bottle Boots. It's a tight insulating water bottle cover, keeps water from freezing well enough, especially in extremely cold conditions.


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     I like the Outdoor Research water bottle parka