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2018 Winter Gathering 3/17

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  • 2018 Winter Gathering 3/17

    Ladies and Gentlemen the time has come again for the wonderful, generous, famous, infamous, aspiring and expiring amongst us to convene for the yearly ritual known as the ADK Highpeaks Foundation Winter Gathering.
    This event has been one of the best opportunities for friends who have known each other through the ADK Forums and Facebook pages to hike together in an attempt to get a group on all “46” and then assemble in a casual setting to enjoy each other’s company, meet new friends and refill depleted calories with a veritable plethora of delicious home made goodies as participants usually, though not required, bring a dish or snacks or beverages to share.
    This year can be an extra special event as Neil is aiming to finish his epic fundraiser Project 100 that Saturday. For those not aware of this project Neil is more than halfway through his attempt to climb the Hundred Highest Adirondack Mountains in a single winter. A feat only accomplished once before by the Legendary Pin Pin.
    Why is he doing this? Because like prior efforts like Project Full Deck and Project 46 in attempt to take on larger than life challenges to demonstrate what can be done with hard work, training and planning...even after “midlife”. That the Adirondacks are composed of much more than the high peaks and that he believes strongly in what the Foundation he Co-created stands for. That being giving back and supporting the organizations that keep this special place protected and safe.
    So yes this is also our major fundraiser that allows us to continue to provide support to various programs such as the Summit Steward program, LASAR and SARNAK search and rescue teams, the restoration and continued maintenance of the Mt. Adams Fire Tower, support for reconstruction of the Ranger trail at Poke O Moonshine and much more.
    So we invite all new and old who would like to be apart of this great event to join us:

    When March 17th
    Where ADK Trail Inn
    Cost- We do not charge anything for folks to hike with us or join in the supper Saturday. We encourage you to bring a dish to pass (The ADK Trail in gives us access to their commercial kitchen) and to make a donation to the Foundation if you can)

    Other considerations: The owners of the Ark Trail Inn have been absolutely wonderful for allowing us to take over their establishment for their s event. In order to continue we need to sell out the rooms so as not to overwhelm other guests. We ask that attendees traveling for the gathering to book a room at the Inn. Please let them know you are with the gathering group when you make reservations.

    +1 (518) 527-1155
    "Climbing is about freedom. There's no prize money; there are no gold medals. The mountains are all about going there to do what you want to do. That's why I'll never tell anyone else how to climb. All I can say is, This is how I prefer to do it."
    Ed Viesturs

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    As another note. The website will show the rooms not available as they are blocking those rooms for us. Make sure you call them directly to reserve your room.
    If by chance some day you're not feeling well and you should remember some silly thing I've said or done and it brings back a smile to your face or a chuckle to your heart, then my purpose as your clown has been fulfilled ~ Red Skelton


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      Ummm I just booked my room online.

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      Odd, I was going by what she said in her email.

    • Neil
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      She has perhaps opened bookings to the general public.

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    Can someone please start the usual food and peaks threads ?
    Tom Rankin - 5444W "In the depths of Summer, I finally learned that there lay within me an invincible Winter"

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    Trail maintainer for the Dry Brook Ridge trail from Mill Brook Road to just past the Lean-to


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    For those who would like to make a donation to the ADKHighPeaks Foundation or support Niel's epic Project ADK-100 fundraiser, please go to this page and hit the "Donate" button. You may pay with Paypal or a credit card.


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      This year we will miss the gathering; we'll be out off town on a ski trip. Party hard!


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        Originally posted by TFR View Post
        Can someone please start the usual food and peaks threads ?
        Is there some sort of on-line document that could be made? Something that everyone can see and update?
        Project-100: 100 peaks, one winter.


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          Yeah, I've used Google Spreadsheets in a club environment for years now for nav, route planning clinics, hiking and trip sign-ups, etc. It works really well.

          You set up the editing on the document so anyone with the URL can edit and away you go.

          Two bummers: the URL can only be distributed to a trusted user base - otherwise the sheet will get hacked to death, so that could be a show stopper here; the sheet can't be edited readily from a mobile device unless you're a techy. The way I get around that is having mobile users email me their content then I update the sheet accordingly.

          Bottom line - trusted users of PCs with updated browsers can view and easily edit the sheet.


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            I've never met any of you, and I usually hike alone because of a mix of traveling from out of the region and some uncertainty with people I don't know. How out of place would I be at this? I'm planning a trip to expand my winter summits, and it seems like the winter gathering might be a good way to do it while starting to meet some people.

            Also a logistics question: are most people checking in at the ADK Trail Inn Friday night before hiking or Saturday night after? I've been eyeing Allen if weather is superb or some or all of the Santanonis if weather is good but not great. Staying somewhere on the other side of the High Peaks Friday night would make more sense for me.
            46/46 11/46W


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              Aside from the logistics of where to stay, I hike alone as well, Nick, and just jumped right into my first gathering six years ago. Everyone is really friendly (friendlier than they tend to be online ).

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            Hello Nick and welcome.
            Let me try and answer some of your questions.
            Depending on distance traveling and time a good portion of people arrive Friday so they can be rested and ready to go Saturday. It is a good opportunity to meet folks and discover if any are heading to Alan.
            Alan the Santanoni’s and Sewards are the furthest from the ADK Trail Inn.
            friday small groups often assemble after supper in the main dining room or game room. Saturday we hike and gather together to share food and stories/experiences and a shared passion.
            i usually arrive Friday evening and leave Sunday as I will this year.
            "Climbing is about freedom. There's no prize money; there are no gold medals. The mountains are all about going there to do what you want to do. That's why I'll never tell anyone else how to climb. All I can say is, This is how I prefer to do it."
            Ed Viesturs