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Project-100 opening day(s).

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  • Project-100 opening day(s).

    Thinking out loud with some ideas for Dec. 22-23. Feel free to chime in.

    -Sawtooth 4-2-1 with a 4 am start (if not much snow). Would be really nice to get these peaks done. If the snow conditions make for easy whacking then I would probably do some other tough (but not as tough) whack on the other day.

    -Street/Nye-TR/Ttop and Phelps (if weather bad).
    -Gray-Sky-Marcy-HaBaSa (if weather good.) Need a 4am start to get to SB wall with daylight) or drop HaBaSa and tack on TR etc. This can be decided during the hike depending on pace.

    -Could also do Sawtooth 5 and Seymour (can deposit extra gear/food /water in lean-to) leaving Saw 3 as a single and then the 3 other Sewards could be done without needing to go down the N side of Seward. Could then, at a later date do the 3 Sewards plus some easier peak on the same day.
    Saw 3 and 5 go well together but there's a lot of trail at either end. Maybe best done together with a car spot. One car at Averyville and the other on Coreys Rd.
    I'm looking for hiking partners if anyone's interested. After Xmas I'll be back out on the 26th probably.
    Project-100: 100 peaks, one winter.