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  • Call for hiking partners

    This is a call for hiking partners to join me as I attempt to hike ONE HUNDRED PEAKS in a single winter season.

    The ADK-Hundred Highest list of peaks starts right at the top with Mount Marcy, works its way through the 46 and continues for 54 more peaks for a total of 100. Remember that 60 of the peaks from the list are trailed so if bushwhacking in winter is not your thing, that's not an issue.

    As some of you know, I enjoy coming up with big hiking projects. There was Project 46 in February of 2014 when I hiked the 46 High Peaks in 10 days. Next was Project Full Deck in the summer of 2017.

    Both of these projects were fund raisers and through the two of them we raised over $20,000 for the ADK High Peaks Foundation. Just as importantly, both of these projects had a strong community orientation and we involved as many people as possible. Our goals have always been to bring people from the hiking community together through various activities and projects.

    For a quick resume of what the ADK High Peaks Foundation has achieved over the years, thanks to grass roots initiatives such as Project-100, follow this link

    So, if you are interested in accompanying me on any portion of this special winter-long fund-raising event let me know here or via private message and I will add you to the Project 100 page I've created.

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    I can contribute moral support, at least. I have no experience in badass winter conditions, so I'll watch from the sidelines. Go Neil!
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      Not sure if I've missed something, but do you have an itinerary and routes yet?
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        Originally posted by FlyFishingandBeer View Post
        Not sure if I've missed something, but do you have an itinerary and routes yet?
        No, and I won't be making an itinerary in advance because my itinerary will be dictated to me week to week (day by day?) largely by the snow and weather conditions.


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          i would be interested in tagging along and helping pack down some snow. i am up for almost anything. would be glad to visit most of the 46, and a few of the other 54 stand out to me too. the indian lake area peaks (i have family near there) and little santa, henderson, and wallface in particular come to mind.


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            I might tag along for a few of the easy hikes
            but only if you let me break trail in 2 ft of fresh snow
            And only if you agree to wear MSR's


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              Just wow! How can one even begin to reply to this. Im almost absolutely, positively too out of shape to even attempt such a thing but mannnnnnnn, for someone who could do it physically and financially. Wow, what an adventure! Neil, I don't know you personally but have had the pleasure of speaking to you a few times. You are truly an inspiration to anyone who knows anything about Adirondack adventuring. Wow, just WOW!!!

              And quick sidenote because I am
              a horrible thread searcher.

              New layout. Wow. Loved the old set-up but this is the future.


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                I can do some.


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                  I may be able to help break a trail or two or a non trail for that matter
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                  Ed Viesturs