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We lost one of our own today...

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    I didn't know her, but reading all these heartfelt tributes, I'm sorry I didn't. Sorry for her loss to her family and all of you!


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      Wow, so sorry to hear that news. I never met her on the trails, but have read her adventures on here from time to time. My condolences to her family and friends, sorry for your loss.

      46/46 - #9464
      7/46 "W"
      NE115 - 53/115


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        I did not know you Corey but certainly read your TRs and now I see the pictures and the tributes: you were clearly a beautiful person. The one thing that pulls us all together is our love of the mountains. Thank God you had the experience and thank God we are having our experiences.

        "A full appreciation of mountains is not to be experienced by merely looking; that is why men climb." -Francis S. Smythe, British mountaineer


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          Very sad to hear about this. My condolences to family and friends.
          May your ambition for the goal allow you to be a student of the journey.


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            This is very sad, we met twice, the day I finished my 46ers, she cheered me up because I didn't have partners and wanted to give me a badge. Then last year we hiked the same summits at the winter gathering. Both times in the snow, we chatted for a long time and she had such a lovely personality. I reported that day: "we had a long gathering all together with CoreyD telling us fun stories". We will miss her.