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We lost one of our own today...

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  • We lost one of our own today...

    Today, we mark the passing of Corey Dandaraw, or CoreyD. ("Corey with an E"), 46R #8156. She lost her battle with stage 4 liver cancer. Corey was a loved and respected member of this community and even though I never got to hike with her, I did get to know her and in my way, continually gave her a 'hard time' about doing a winter round! I visited her yesterday at Hospice for a while and we talked about hiking, kids, and life. She loved the Adirondacks, especially Mount Skylight, where she finished her 46R on 9/14/13.

    I welcome anyone here to share stories and thoughts about Corey. She will be greatly missed. As I told her yesterday, we need her around to keep the boys in line.

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    My condolences to her family and friends.


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      Very, very sad to learn this.


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        Although we never hiked together, I did have the pleasure of meeting Corey at an ADK function. I am deeply saddened by the news of her passing. I offer my heartfelt sympathies to her loved ones, family, and friends.

        Corey's first Trip Report
        Corey's 46er
        Corey becomes a grandma
        Corey's Trip Reports

        Looking for Views!


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          We lost a dear friend, but heaven gained a blessed angel. I was blessed to have her as a friend in my life, and I know many feel the same way. My heart goes out to her family, esp. her son, Bryan, and daughter, Steph, who've been at their mother's side daily in the hospital and at the Hospice Inn; Corey's friends are rallying to be there to support her children in any way we can. Steph and Bryan have shown such strength and courage over the many days, but I cannot fathom how they are feeling; they won't be alone, we will do all to comfort them. Our heartfelt condolences go out to their grandfather, Ed "Adk French Louie", grandmother, and Corey's parents and brother back in Germany.

          Corey started posting to The Forum back in the summer of 2013 (the best I can tell). Anyone who read her trip reports knows her love of hiking was made more fulfilling by sharing that love with her children. She did many climbs with them, they seeing their Mom to her 46er finish on Skylight (she's #8156), and her seeing Bryan through to his finish on Haystack (he's #8790). Corey's friends will be there to help Steph finish her 46, we are at her beck and call. My point is, and this just comes through in her TRs, that she loved her kids immensely, and just cherished those moments with them. It was the epitome of a mom bonding with her children, which I was fortunate to see on some of her hikes.

          The Forum should know that Corey was a contributor, even helping achieve a successful Winter Gathering in 2014. Mt Colden was her first winter High Peak, and Jack "ADKJack" Coleman was there to lead her (and others) on that one. She continued to pursue her W46, many with our friend Mike "Gandolph" and Erica; Corey saw Gandolph through to his 46er finish, and I'm sure he couldn't have been more happy to have her there. She talked about wanting to finish her W46 this season, and we chatted about plans of getting the remainder of the Dix Range via the S Fork of the Boquet. We were also going to do the Tupper Lake Triad. So much to do...

          There's so much more to say about Corey. I'm trying to find words. While she was in Hospice, there was an outpouring of friends to see her, and so many posted the most heartfelt, loving messages on her Facebook wall. Corey had that infectious smile, that ear-to-ear grin with squinted eyes that would melt the coldest, hardest ice; that is one of many things of her that I will always remember. She had a way of keeping you calm during difficult times on the trail; she'd put her hand on your shoulder, and with such caring eyes and calm voice say, "Everything's going to be OK. We are going to get through this."

          So much more to say. Corey, if you are reading this, I want you to know how we are so blessed, so grateful to have had you in our lives. Please be with us on the trails, and give us a sign you are there. We love you, blessed angel.
          We are closer now than we were five minutes ago


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            Very sad. I offer my condolences to her family and friends.


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              My condolences. I loved her reports, sad to hear the news.
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                Corey was a huge encouragement to me and Mr. Moo as we were completing our 46. It was Corey who made me realize that I could do the Saddleback "Cliff's"; she was such a cheerleader and she was among the first to congratulate us via the forum as we finished....on Saddleback. I only got to meet her briefly at the 46-er dinner when we got our certificates and we always talked about hiking together one day. I loved reading her reports and following her journey with Brian and Steph. I feel like I lost a friend even though we only met briefly. Corey, if you can somehow read this, I wish we had hiked together up those Saddleback Rocks like we were going to do one day. When the time comes that I tackle them again, I will summon your energy once again as I did that day in August of 2014. Hike on, Corey D.


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                  Sad news. My heart goes out to her friends and family.


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                    Rest in peace dear Corey. Our condolences to everyone that knew and loved her.


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                      Devastating. Deepest condolences to family and friends and all those here who was lucky enough to know Corey. a life well lived but way to short.
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                        I got to know Corey through Ed D.- ADK French Louie and Mt.ManJohn and had the pleasure of hiking with her and chatting at times on FB...she is an amazing woman, with a smile to beat all..Nancy-High on Life- and I dedicated our Seymour hike on wednsday to Corey, and I had gone to Albany to see her Tues....keep her in your thoughts ...Ed always smiled when talking of her on the trail and she will be missed.....


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                          I also remember reading and enjoying CoreyD's trip reports. My condolences to her family and all who miss her.
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                            I was heartbroken to hear this news a couple of days ago. When I saw Corey last, she spoke mostly of her excitement about finishing the winter 46 this year, of the triathlon she was training for, the cycling she was doing, but ever the optimist, never her disease progression. I wish I had known how sick she was. The world feels so empty knowing she is no longer in it.

                            We shared so many fun moments on the trail while working on our 46 that will remain in my heart. The one that made me smile briefly through tears this morning was remembering her cursed alarm clock that kept waking us up earlier than we wanted (if we planned to wake at 4am, that damn clock would go off at 3). Cat Stevens songs reworked by Corey at the end of a long day to get us out of the woods in good spirits, driving around the north country at midnight trying desperately to find an open Stewarts for some chili, standing beside her and taking in so many incredibly gorgeous views that filled our hearts and made all the effort of our climbs worthwhile... Corey left an indelible mark on my heart that will remain forever.

                            Heartfelt condolences to her children, Steph and Brian, and the rest of the family and friends she left behind. xxoo

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                              Pru, I recall you and Corey D doing a few hikes together when we were all chasing the 46. You both always seemed to have so much fun. You have some great memories of those and were blessed to be able to do that together. Perhaps you could dedicate your next one to her? I will definitely be thinking of her the next time I am there. Beautiful pictures, btw. Moo

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                            A couple of years ago, my husband and I met Corey at the bottom of the Macomb slide while we were resting up before starting the climb. After talking for a bit, we made the connection that we both new Crepuscular and that we were both on the forum. We had a wonderful conversation about hiking and dogs and then we went on our way. We ran into her and her friends a few other times that day and she was so excited to greet our dog every time we saw her. We've been a number of people on the trails since we starting hiking, but there was something about meeting her that has stuck with me. The world lost a lovely soul. My heart aches for her family and friends.