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Saddleback via Ore Bed Brook 1-8-18

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  • Saddleback via Ore Bed Brook 1-8-18

    Just writing this to say that the wind and snow conditions yesterday afternoon and evening were such that tracks could be blown over in a very few hours. Even at low elevations in the woods, in some places there were only faint traces of the tracks I made on the way up.
    Otherwise, the trail has seen enough use that if you're exactly on it, it will be firm under foot. That was hardest to do on the slide where winds had done a good job of erasing tracks. So due to lack of a visible consolidated trail, the slide portion of the hike had a good bit of sliding backward and breaking through. (24" MSR's)
    For those not familiar with this trail, for a little while it alternates between being on the slide and going back into the woods. It had been over 7 years since I'd taken this route, and I didn't remember at what point it left the slide for the last time. I missed that point on the way up*, so on the way down when the trail dumped me out on the slide, I looked back for a trail marker at that point. I didn't see one.
    *So I spent just over 1.5 hours looking for where the trail exits the top of the slide (it doesn't exit the TOP.) and then trying to intercept the trail
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    The trail turns east, away from the slide and into the woods, where the staircase ends at ~3640'. It never returns to the slide above this elevation. This is based on data I collected this summer for the purpose of mapping High Peaks ladders and staircases in OpenStreetMap.

    Of course, this information is less useful when the staircase is obscured by snow! In that situation, it might be more helpful to know the trail veers away just above where the slide forks. One follows climber's left fork for a short distance then ducks into the woods.
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      Thanks for the tip about the slide fork. On the way down it was dark so I couldn't note landmarks. I made a mental note of what I was seeing in the light of my headlamp. The problem with mental notes is that I tend to misplace them.