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Algonquin-Iroquois-Wright Nov 14 2017

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  • Algonquin-Iroquois-Wright Nov 14 2017

    Long ago (just after the dinosaurs met a comet), Algonquin and Wright were the first Adirondack mountains we visited. The Macs remain awesome all these centuries later.
    So... Nov 14th: Everything low to high was covered with 2" of light, slightly sticky snow, which aided traction enough that bare booting worked well for the first couple of miles. When the steeper icy slabs became frequent we switched to HillSound microspikes, which on the soft ice provided all the traction needed to get up and down Algonquin, Iroquois & Wright. The very icy path up Wright provided the greatest challenge; like every winter the difficulty will increase once the temperatures drops and hardens the ice.
    There was no part of the trail where snowshoes were required nor would have been more useful than microspikes. We expected more snow along the ridge, but it hasn't accumulated yet.
    Oh, and The Macs: they're still steep.

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    Glad to here they are still steep (and icy) but really glad to see the legendary summit hat and its owner posting here again!
    "Climbing is about freedom. There's no prize money; there are no gold medals. The mountains are all about going there to do what you want to do. That's why I'll never tell anyone else how to climb. All I can say is, This is how I prefer to do it."
    Ed Viesturs


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      Editing a comment
      It was an uncharacteristic lapse of laziness on my part to post something, yet it does feel good to be back.

      It was (and is) this forum that introduced me to a great number of the people who influenced my love for the Adirondacks and welcomed us into the community of High Peaks enthusiasts*. ADKHP will always have my gratitude.

      (*footnote: not sure 'enthusiast' is the right word for a visionary who somehow convinced many of us to wade a river carrying tools and equipment,
      haul cement up a mountain, build bridges out of found items and other acts of faith and madness, however I'll go with it. Looking at you ADKJ!)