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Dix Range Boquet to Round Pond 11/4/17

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  • Dix Range Boquet to Round Pond 11/4/17

    Climbed this with Highonlife, BillB, Trek4DM, and Claudia. Crossed paths with Thomas near the cliffs on Hough Ridge.

    Bouquet River was running high. We crossed at the Shoebox Falls. A choke stone near the main falls got us across. There's one a bit upstream of that and it was
    under water.

    The other crossings we got across and one required using a nearby downed tree. One above the nice tenting spot was under water and led to bushwhacking up the opposite bank from the trail.

    Thin ice covering the wet parts of the Great Slide.

    A number of Blowdowns between Carson and Hough with the majority found climbing Hough from Pough. Most just across the trail. One climbing Hough down the trail.

    Frequent wall to wall ice between Dix and the Elk Pass trail Junction. Bring Spikes it's early ice season now.

    Stones across the Boquet near the Lean to enough above the high water and posed no problem.

    Trails intermittently dry and wet.

    Colder weather will extend the wet areas to be iced areas.


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    And here we go! Nice job for a tough crew.
    #8335W, Solo 46W
    NE 111 113/115

    One list may be done, but the journey is far from over...
    Half Dome, 2009


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      Nice crossing paths again Don (and Crew). Saturday was the pick of the litter over the last five days. I was surprised at how dry the trail was, especially on the Round Pond side. After the prior few days being mired in some notorious mud holes, Allen topping the list, I kept my rubber boots on for this hike. After crossing the North Fork at the lean-to without much trouble, I began regretting my choice of footwear. After coming down from Grace, however, I was happy to have them on. At some of those crossings it would have been difficult to stay dry. Looking at the volume flowing through Shoebox Falls I didn't even bother crossing back over and took the north side trail back to the highway. I was happy to have done the roadwalk in the morning and have my car waiting for me at the Boquet trailhead!


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        Nice work, all! I used to use that north side "high water" trail fairly frequently, but my understanding is that it is now seldom used and hard to follow. How was the walk out?


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          Originally posted by tcd View Post
          Nice work, all! I used to use that north side "high water" trail fairly frequently, but my understanding is that it is now seldom used and hard to follow. How was the walk out?
          I find that trail fairly well trodden. You just have to put up with the up and down.


          • tcd
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            Interesting. Thanks! I will have to walk along that trail again sometime soon.

            The area around the N Fork off the Boquet has an extensive and complex network of paths. There is a need for a good, thorough map of that path network. Many first-time visitors mistakenly believe that there is simply a one track path from the car to the bottom of the Grace slide...

          • Thomas
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            I've met more confused hikers in that area than anywhere else. I actually sent a track of the high water route to Trailboss and he added it to OSM a few weeks ago.

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          Don it sure was great catching up with you, really enjoyed the day with all and of course Thomas always a pleasure running into you.
          Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson


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            Ditto Nancy. It's always a good day when we cross paths.

          • Hear the Footsteps
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            Thanks Nancy....great hiking with you again too.....