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Dix 9/2

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  • Dix 9/2

    Took a quick hike up Dix on Saturday in advance of "Harvey" arriving. Trail was in great shape, very dry with good footing up the steep bits. All the creek crossings were also very dry and easy to step across. That may have changed with all the rain we got on Sunday/Monday. Met lots of people as I was coming down. Quite a few had missed the turn off at the slide and had wandered up too high. I met one couple just as I popped out of the woods who had no idea they were supposed to venture off the slide and another group, higher up, were now backtracking. The cairns were in a little rough shape and the paint on the rock had faded somewhat but I thought it was obvious where to go.

    Up top the trail across the ridge was also in nice shape with only one small mud wallow to navigate. Could hear lots of people coming up the Beckhorn trail as I enjoyed the summit. Overall a great day to be out considering the rest of the weekend was pretty wet.