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Seward Range - April 14/17

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  • Seward Range - April 14/17

    The road is still closed from the Winter trailhead.

    Dry leaves covering some mud pockets on the BBFT, Ward Brook and Calkins Brook truck trails but overall a pleasant walk. Snow cover becomes consistent at about 3000'. Above that snowshoes or some other traction is required, depending on how solid the track is. I used trail crampons for Seymour and then, as it warmed up, snowshoes for Seward, Donaldson and Emmons.

    Calkins Brook was an easy crossing.

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    Thanks, I hadn't known that they closed the road at the winter trailhead. Crosses the Sewards off for a little while.
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      Nice job, Thomas! Who needs to sign up for a dinky little marathon on city streets with minimal total ascent/descent when you can do the real thing in the Sewards with more than 6000 ft of climbing?

      Was there evidence of other hikers out there this month?


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        Thanks JoeCedar . It does come to about marathon distance but it was more like a biathlon actually since I rode my bike the six miles back and forth between the trailheads. There has been very little traffic out there - the last sign-in prior to mine was a week earlier but there was a group of three doing Seymour on this day so I didn't quite have the range all to myself.


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          First, congrats on tackling the four peaks!

          I had planned to use my bike last weekend (to head to Seymour) but chose Lyon instead. When I saw Lowenburg Road covered in snow (elevation 1600 feet) I thought I made a good choice given that Coreys Road lies at the same elevation. I don't know for sure if it was snowy but imagine the disappointment of bringing your bike only to discover you have to walk those extra 6 miles! :( People carp about the Lake Road ...

          Anyway, conditions change awfully fast this time of year.

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        Thanks for the report Thomas. I am heading in there next weekend to play again so good to know the conditions.