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Marshall 4/2/17 via Calamity Brook

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  • Marshall 4/2/17 via Calamity Brook

    4/2/17 about 3 inches of snow fell. Summit temps ranged 20-30F.

    Took Calamity Brook in. River crossing was fine to walk on water instead of the bridge. Broke trail to the second leanto. The next morning two young boys broke trail to Marshall. One broke his snowshoe at the summit and had to hobble back. If you see post holes it's not because he didn't have snowshoes...he just had Tubbs ;-P

    The trail is a little off the normal path but it does get you to the top.

    Used snowshoes the whole way

    Total party: 2

    PS: the bugs are out now. Tons of mosquitoes and baby flies :-(

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    No issues on the trail up Herbert Brook (other than possible post holes)? I tried going that way in December with fresh snow and found the trail hard to follow. No problem on Monday? I might go that way next week.
    46/46 11/46W


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      NickWI, no issues up Herbert Brook. Zach, who's been up several times before(this was my first time), said the trail was slightly off the normal path, but it worked. Sometimes we were on the right side of the stream when it was supposed to be on the left apparently. The path was crisscrossed a few times, but that was prob because it was the easier way with the snow/melt/snow.

      It looks like there's going to be some fresh snow Fri & Sat, but not much. Then it's going to warm up alot. Be careful if you still decide to go next week. Might be worth looking into going this weekend instead if you can <3


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        Thanks! Yeah, I'm a little worried about melt after the warmup, but work gives Good Friday off, so I'm planning a weekend of day hikes. Fingers crossed I don't find rivers of melting snow.
        46/46 11/46W