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Santanoni, Couchsachraga, Panther 4/3/17 (Santa, Couch, Panther)

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  • Santanoni, Couchsachraga, Panther 4/3/17 (Santa, Couch, Panther)

    4/2/17 about 3 inches of snow fell. Summit temps ranged 30-40F

    Although 3/29 Donna, Michelle and I went to Santa for Donna's 46 finish, the tracks were all covered again.

    Zach and I broke out to Couch and Panther 4/3, but did not see signs of a broken trail for Santa.

    Used snowshoes the whole way.

    Total party: 2

    Water crossings were fine to cross on frozen stream instead of the bridge. Although, two guys post-holed on their way back and broke through near the edges. We stepped on them with snowshoes just fine without breaking through. It did rain heavily since though.

    If anyone knows the (2) guys that hiked that day...we have the item you dropped. I would have left it at the register, but you left your phone number and I absolutely knew it was yours. Tried to call that number but it didn't go through.

    Does anyone know a Dan G from Clifton Park, NY?

    PS: the bugs are out now. Tons of mosquitoes and baby flies : -(

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    I think I know who you are talking about. he is in the aspiring group, you can def. contact him through there (edit - I just saw your post in the aspiring and I realized that he never left his full name either, and that's why you specified only his 1st initial... not surprising... It is Daniel Graziano). I saw he posted something in the group (since deleted) and there was a profile pic in front of the 2nd bridge (and I noticed lack of snow shoes too).
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      Monday was a great day to be out! Sounds like the trail was supportive.
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        Originally posted by Chi_ADK View Post
        4/2/17 about 3 inches of snow fell.
        More like: 4/1/17 about 12-18 inches of snow fell; 4/2/17 about 9-15 inches melted.

        Good job on re-hiking the Santas! Sorry to hear about the post-holers.
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