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East trail to Giant NOT broken out

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  • East trail to Giant NOT broken out

    Yesterday afternoon (3/19) we decided to make a "quick" run up this trail, to Owls Head Lookout. Upon arriving at the PA on 9N in Etown, not only was it not plowed out but no evidence of anyone parking along the road. We put on our 'shoes and signed in at 4:55 PM ( yes, I know that's very late). No one had signed in for the last week but a set of ski tracks came out of the recycled machinery (junk) yard. We followed them on the trail until we reached the swimming hole where the skier turned around. Continued on, breaking trail to the top of the ridge and enjoyed basking in the setting sun, then turned around and went back to the car.
    If the trail had been broken out, we might have reached OHL but this turned out to just be a nice stroll in the snow. We sank in up to a foot in the unconsolidated parts of the trail, using Flex Alps shoes.

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    FWIW, Giant and RPR are broken out from 73.
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      Thanks for the update!

      BTW, perhaps you meant to say "North Trail" to Giant?

      ​The North Trail starts from 9N. ​The East Trail starts from New Russia on 9.
      Looking for Views!