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Not sure if I believe this...

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    There will be only one person with 42" snowshoes who can handle snow like that--the Lone Ranger. But how do you get to the trailheads?


    • CatskillKev
      CatskillKev commented
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      Guess I'll have to figure that one out. I'll have a shovel. Which I'm getting lots of practice with today!

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    I'm staying in Keene Valley today and just got back from Lake Placid for lunch. The snow has been coming down steady since 8:00, and now at 1:45 I'm going to estimate about 4" on the ground in Keene Valley. The snow seemed to be about the same intensity all along 73. There were two cars parked at Cascade and none at Rooster Comb.

    I can't speak to conditions more than that. My Wednesday hike plans are off, but I'm hoping to get out Thursday.


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      How's it looking in the Keene Valley? Love to get up Thursday
      We've received about 32-37" today in Cassville (south of Utica)


      • NickWI
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        Keene Valley got a lot! I don't know any official amount, but I'd believe 40". I just drove from KV to Lake Placid, and it seems KV got more than Keene or LP.

        Rooster Comb wasn't plowed out, but the road toward the Garden was at 73. I didn't drive up to see how far it was cleared. Ditto for the loj road. Plowed at the highway, at least.

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      I heard and saw what appeared to be legit 20"-30" for the ADKs, and a claim of 40" for Whiteface!
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        As of 900am today I have 42"......


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          Anybody know what's on the ground in Pharaoh Lake (Brant/Schroon/Paradox) area? Have a trip planned for this weekend. Thanks.


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            It's snowing pretty good in Lake Placid now. Not heavy but certainly notable. I assume this will leave a few more inches.


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              Pictures anyone ? Can't wait to be there !
              Lyon Mountain Trail Adopter .


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                Here's a picture from Lake Placid, from the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery looking north along Mirror Lake Drive and across the lake.



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                  Walked up to the Garden this afternoon. Snow is deep! Even in the parking lot. Snowshoed for a bit past the turnoff for Southside Trail. Someone had been through earlier. I was sinking up over my knees. All the plans I hear for big groups make lots of sense. No one has been up Big Slide.

                  Also, lot at Ausable Club had not been plowed as of this evening.

                  Good luck this weekend. Can't wait to read all about the fun!


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                    The triathlete who was attempting to set a new winter 46er record had walked in along the Phelps Trail earlier today but turned around. She returned later in the day (or someone with her InReach?) walked to the Slide Mtn Brook Trail, headed up a bit towards Big Slide, then turned back.
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