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Partial Dixes 3/12

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  • Partial Dixes 3/12

    Headed out for Macomb, South and Hough, having completed Grace and Dix on earlier trips. I was hopeful that activity over the weekend would have the trails broken. Small parking area at Clear Pond was full at 7:00 A.M which surprised me. Several parties had signed in for various Dixes which was encouraging. My planned route was up Slide Brook and down Lillian Brook. Slide Brook herd path had not been touched. I had no interest in breaking trail up Macomb and beyond by myself. I continued up the well established track on the Dix Trail. My recollection was it was about two miles to Lillian Brook. In about a mile there was a track heading up. I wanted to go up so I took it. It eventually worked its way over to the Brook. Maybe there is a split on the lower reaches of the herd path.

    Made my way up to the Hough Pough col where I ran into a group of three heading over the Grace (#46 for one of them). I've avoided serious trail braking in 3 years of occasional winter high peaks hiking. That streak ended on the short trip up Hough. Breaking trail and finding the corridor took some effort. After descending back the col, I was on to South Dix, debating whether or not Macomb was going to get orphaned. It did not take long at all to get to South. I started over towards Macomb. Just before the the last rugged descent into the Macomb col, staring up at Macomb, I lost my ambition. The branch of the Lillian Brook heading to the Macomb Col had not looked used from below and I was daunted by the thought of hiking out to Macomb and then back to the base of Hough and out. Trip out went pretty quickly. Took off the snow shoes for the first time when I got to the summer trailhead. The road was slick in bare boots. Even with the turn around, it made for a decent amount of hiking.

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    My first Dixes in winter was similar except for which peaks I did. That kind of stuff happens. Especially the first time. Better that you left Macomb rather than Hough.


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      We were the party you met at Hough-Pough col. You were just a bit too fast! As we ascended Grace, two veteran hikers caught up with us having broke Slide Brook over Macomb. They must have still been summiting Macomb when you got to the col or you would have seen their tracks. Great work on breaking up Hough- the two guys benefitted from it as they got all 5 Dixes that day. We all helped each other out it seems; it does take a village to break the Dixes...


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        Congratulations to whichever one of you finished on Grace. All of our tracks are likely buried under a couple feet of fresh snow at this point.