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Mt. Marcy - Number W35 on number 68

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  • Mt. Marcy - Number W35 on number 68

    Mt. Marcy - Back in the hunt! March 6, 2018

    My wife and I like to go hiking each year on my birthday! So, for birthday number 68, we set out on a perfect day to get our W35 on Mt. Marcy. We made this first trip in two years on a quest to get back on track after injuries and the death of both of our fathers last year. It was an excellent day to put it behind us and get back in the High Peaks.

    After the 56 mile trip from our home in Schroon Lake, we got on the trail at 6:55am. Bare boots were all we needed all the way to Marcy Dam as the snow was well packed. Once we passed the sign-in box there, the trail became 3-4 inched of fresh snow, so we donned the snowshoes and wore them to the summit and back to the sign-in box. It was beautiful day with moderate temperatures with almost no wind except for the summit. Winds there were steady, but mild. The last time we were on Marcy was in 1975 when my entire family was hiking under the troop name of The Wolfgang. My wife and I are the only ones who finished the 46 and are now working on the big W.
    Getting to the summit was easier than the return to the valley, as the older knees and muscles began to protest. With the warming temps, the woods were stunning and the views at Indian Falls were hard to walk away from! The warmer temps also made the snow quite sticky and the walking more work. We took an extended break at the Dam and remembered all the good times with the family, camping there. The remaining walk out, turned very cool and we returned to the car at 4:55pm.
    A great day together followed by a birthday supper and pie at the Noonmark.

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    Keep at it! You’ve got plenty of time to finish.

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      Sounds perfect to me! Happy birthday.
      LT 06