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Haystack 3/3 - windy fun!

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  • Haystack 3/3 - windy fun!

    Nice windy day on Haystack Saturday 3/3! We estimate 50+ mph gusts. Fully leaning into the wind, and I had to take a knee at one point. Summit cones of Little and Mount H. were blown clear with yellow blazes mostly visible. Crampons would have been nice on the south slope of Little but MSR Ascent snowshoes were sufficient if you knew how to use them. We wore snowshoes car to car, and as we met a few groups totaling 6 or 7 people who summited before us, the trail was broken all the way to the base of Little Haystack.

    My 39th w. Getting there.

    It was a good day, 95% Type 1 Fun! The last mile out to the Garden was the 5% Type 2.

    On the way out we were well behind (hour or two?) what appeared to be two postholers walking from the Little Haystack/Marcy/Basin junction (guess thatís the State Range/Haystack trail junction) down to Slant Rock, and they left some deep postholes right in the trail, including one that was thigh deep. We also picked up two brand new Cliff Bar wrappers and stepped carefully over what looked like a big urine stain right in the middle of the trail. Swell.

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    I hadn't heard of but then I looked up the fun scale. REI had one.

    Have to think that the last mile back to the garden is not quite type 2. Maybe 1.25. Anyway that's my take.

    Congratulations on the 39th.