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LWJ Friday 2/9/2018, NOT via Bennies.

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  • LWJ Friday 2/9/2018, NOT via Bennies.

    Had long set our sights on summiting LWJ via Bennies. We parked at the Garden and took the JB Trail towards the Interior Outpost. On the hike in we discussed all the new snow on Wednesday 2/7 and decided we didn't want to risk snow sliding on the slide and taking us with it. While we were on the JB Trail, we also noted a helicopter that made two trips in and out above Johns Brook. So after crossing the suspension bridge, we headed sounth on the Orebed Trail towards Five Corners because it was so nicely broken out, and then turned left up the Woodsfall trail, which had 4" of fresh powder on it but was easy hiking LWJ/UWL col. From the col, there were a handful of ledges on the steep parts from the col to the summit that we had to pick our way up. On the way down we took the Wolf Jaw Trail all the way down to the Southside Trail; from the Woodsfall Junction to the Southside Junction the Wolf Jaw Trail had about 8 inches of untracked powder and we were glad we didn't ascend breaking that. The Southside trail was well-packed, probably from snowmobiles used for a recent rescue. Uneventful hike out to the Garden. Snowshoes the whole day, though we had crampons in the pack. 9 hours car to car with no rushing.