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Marshall sunday 2/11/18

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  • Marshall sunday 2/11/18

    Was a good hike. Met two people in the Upper Works parking lot and we agreed to hike together. Trail was mostly broken out, maybe 4 inches new snow. 2.5 hours to Herbert brook leanto. On/off rain and sleet thru the day, snow got stickier thru the day. I had read recent posts about people going astray on marshall and sure enough despite an easy to follow track we lost it for about 40 min. Was a tough whack thru the deep snow and dense woods. 3 hours to peak. About hour an 15 min down to lean to where we changed to dry clothing. Quick hike out to the car, 9 hours all total, uneventful day. Not much to be had of views or wildlife
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    you met my friends Marina and Jake! they really enjoyed your company
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    • salt
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      I've been seeing a few posts referring to this "Marina & Jake." I think I met these two the day after this last Christmas on Street & Nye. Good people.

    • YanaLG
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      thank you! they are indeed awesome people my hiking partners, just not during the winter... I prefer to hang out in the Catskills, but occasionally I lure them south And yes, they were there and were very happy that more people had arrived for everyone to join forces.