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  • Allen

    Climbed Allen yesterday (2/2/18). The trail had been broken out, was hard packed and a little icy. All water crossings were in good shape and easy to traverse. We had light snow off and on all day, not a lot of accumulation but enough to cover our tracks from the morning. The climb up Allen Brook was challenging but again the trail was broken out and in fairly good shape. We did hit some postholing from what looked like a group of two from Sunday. Looks like it was done on their way out after the snow softened up. The summit was in the clouds, so no views, but not too cold and moderate winds.
    The hike out was long and uneventful. Thatís the longest approach I have done in many years. Itís no wonder I have left it til the end. Iím at 43/46 of this winter round and Iím looking forward to finishing up soon. Hough, South Dix and Macomb left.

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    Thanks for the report- it was helpful prior to our Hike on Tuesday( the 4th) - we were on Allen just before the big storm though there was 3-5 inches of fresh snow on the ground from sunday-monday. Snowshoes all the way from the parking lot. Agree on what a super long slog out it was. It took us 14 hours to complete the hike and just about every ounce of energy we had. I needed a nap in the lot before I was alert enough to drive home. Good luck on your final 3Ws.