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Lower Wolf Jaw 12/22

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  • Lower Wolf Jaw 12/22

    After a 10 day business trip that included too many restaurant dinners I decided to test the waters with a single peak.

    LWJ is an outlier on a current list and I paid the price for bypassing it in a previous December. I got a late start that was an hour later than planned when at Saratoga on I87 it occurred to me that I'd left my rain jacket on the coat hook at home. That cost me an hour and I almost said to heck with it and take the day off, but I didn't and so I arrived at the Garden about 8am. There was a group gearing up. The next hikers I'd see was on my return, a large group heading in about a mile from the parking area.

    After about 10 minutes of hiking I stopped and put on snowshoes because there was a nice coating of snow a bit too deep for spikes. The snowshoes stayed on the rest of the day. At the interior register I headed to the suspension bridge and what had been a nice packed trail changed to boot tracks in 6 to 8 inches of snow. Across the bridge the boot track changed to snow shoes which weren't heading toward to LWJ; so, I had the pleasure of breaking snow on my first winter trip of the new season. It was a bit slow going at first because there was a crust over the snow and several inches new on top of the crust. I was breaking out the trail until I got to the junction with the trail from 5 corners where a single snowshoe track appeared and this time going my way. Still the stride was longer than I wanted to take so until I got to the range trail I was having an easier time and still breaking snow. At the range trail I got to broken and packed trail that I was very happy to see. Following that I made my usual time to LWJ being slowed up just once at a tall icy step. It was the second time in a row where I wish I had an ice axe. After several minutes of tries and snow clearing I finally found some little steps to scale the thing.

    From the summit and along the trail there were views but only to about the shoulder of Armstrong.

    I made pretty good time back arriving back at my vehicle about 230. It was covered with 2-3 inches new snow.

    The drive home was long. For starters a small car going too slow on Rt 73 and below Exit 19 heavy snow on the road and a 40 mph pace. But I got my outlier done. Sometimes to get your list done you have to schedule one day at a time and you don't always have to do multiple peaks to get the job done.

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    Many underestimate LWJ - we came up the White Trail last year and that was pretty brutal with many hairy sections. The funny thing is, it must like 2 inches lower than Upper hah hah
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      Great job Don...and sometimes the drive is worse, great thing about retirement now I can pick and choose my drive days. I can tell you that is why I love my whippet, I have used it a lot already this year because of the ice underneath, its the best of both worlds..maybe we will see you on the 30th?
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