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Baxter 10-22 from Beede Farm. Just wow.

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  • Baxter 10-22 from Beede Farm. Just wow.

    Took a couple of teacher friends to a little mountain Iíve read a lot about but never climbed: Baxter, right outside Keene Valley. Havenít climbed much lately but we had a perfect day combined with no crowds. Took the trail from Beede Farm; the route from 9N seemed almost too short and I like loops. The trail heads up what seems like an old logging road, easy to follow even with a foot of leaves over it. The ascent was almost effortless-we hit the intersection with the 9N trail in a leisurely hour or so, the first summit 10 minutes later. I cannot oversell the bang-for-your-buck awesomeness of the views from all over Baxter; the jaw dropping, perfectly framed overlooks of Johnís Brook valley (with Marcy at the apex), Dix, Nippletop, the awesome cliffs on Porter, Noonmark, the Great Range, etc, etc. There are so many great spots to sit and just pass the day away. Every time I thought I had the perfect spot Iíd turn a corner and find a better one.

    To return I chose the Upham trail-it seemed to do way more steep descending than the amount we climbed. It is a very lightly used trail, and with the leaves it could make it hard to follow at times. As you get toward Beede Road you reach a rope barrier and private property signs; it is very difficult to see where the trail is supposed to go from here. We went in the general direction of the road and ended up at a very nice summer houseís driveway-with the actual trail exit only about 100 feet away, where you are near a very nicely switch backed driveway. It takes you out to Beede road about a half mile below where you park near Beede farm

    All told it ended up being a little less than 5 mile round trip in about 3 poky hours. Only saw two other hikers, weird on a perfect Saturday in October. Finished the day with a gose beer and perfect burger at Lisa Gís, and a night cap at Raquette River brewing; I say without hyperbole they have the best Hefeweizen Iíve ever had (I donít like hops). Perfect end to a perfect day.
    46/46 S
    2/46 W
    10/46 solo

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    I had the opportunity to hike the same loop in August and it was delightful. The trip was made extra special when a stranger chose to tag along. At the start of the trail, next to the private home, a Miniature Schnauzer befriended me and led the way up to the junction.

    The Upham Trail is a gem that leads through the kind of forest I love, namely open woods composed of red pines. The views from the summit were great but I think you got the better day for it. Great photo of the remaining fall colors!
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      You had me up until the bit about not liking hops. Now you're dead to me.

      Juuuust kidding. Thanks for posting this. I've never heard of this gem of a loop and will certainly follow your path at some point, hopefully before winter settles in.
      My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.