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Santanoni (only) 10/28/17 via Express

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  • Santanoni (only) 10/28/17 via Express

    On a President's Day hike a few years ago I ran out of time and energy, and left Santanoni for another day. I finally knocked it off my list on this beautiful fall day, just before the Big Storm. The temps at the bottom at 7:30 were already in the upper 40s, and went to the 50s during the day. I was joined on the trail by another six folks (and I know this because everybody was passing me).

    Recent rain ensured that the mud would be everywhere it must usually be. I went ankle deep a couple of times. Thank goodness for gaiters! There were only a couple of trees across the main trail to Bradley Pond, nothing that was not easily managed. That second bridge sure is a menace. The mangled second half is still lurking, and is just enough in the way to create further hazard as you pass. The stream was just high enough to make the rickety bridge seem a better option.

    The Express Trail was also in reasonably good shape, with a little blow-down here and there, again easily managed. The initial stream crossing was a piece of cake. The rope at the big scramble is gone; I chose the bypass which is also a pretty good scramble and which is really getting chewed up. (It's easy for the me to suggest some sort of switchback to bypass both, now that I am done with the mountain and sitting at my desk.) There is a spot about 600 below the summit where you get a good view of what's ahead, and it looks like a lot more but it goes pretty fast.

    Had the top to myself. Great views in all directions, though it was slightly hazy.

    All in all, a wonderful hike. 10.25 miles back and forth per my GPS.

    According to the weather forecast, Sunday (the next day) was supposed to feature heavy rain, wind and snow.

    This was # 44 for me in the Adirondacks, # 113 for NY/NE 115 list. All that's left: Seward and Seymour. Those will not be this year.

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    Like your profile pic! I was there two weeks ago! So close to finishing the 115! Congratulations in advance!


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      Thank you! I'm afraid those two I have left will have to wait till next year. Cheers.