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  • Getting some Tongue action

    The Lake George 12ster ( ) is calling us, so since yesterday was beautiful, off we went, hitting the trail at 10:30. There are parking lots on the East side of the road a little north of the actual start of the trail (about here ). Some where full, others almost empty. We crossed a bridge that is just downstream from a large beaver dam and then started slowly gaining elevation on an old road. There were a few wooden bridges spanning the mostly empty stream. The road winds up and up and up. Eventually you top out on the ridge line here Then we turned south for Fifth Peak. There is a short spur trail to the leanto and summit area. This is where we had the first of our great views that would continue all day. After a break, we headed back down into and on towards French Point. There are several PUDs that must be climbed and some very steep descents. I'm talking Devil's Path kind of stuff! There are a few places where the trail is right at the edge of a precipice as well. This was not as tame as I had expected. Eventually we made it to French Point where again we had spectacular views. At this point it was after 1:00 so we knew we had to keep going. The hike down and back up to First Peak also has some very steep pitches. Again the views were to die for.

    At this point, we debated whether to keep going or turn around. If you keep going, you get to the point of the tongue and a trail that winds back around the lake. It's a longer hike, but less elevation. But we opted to turn around since we knew what that was like. It seemed to take forever, but we made it back to the car around 6:00. A guy we saw descend from First came out at the same time, so I guess it's a wash.


    3 peaks (or 20!)
    12.5 miles
    3700 feet of elevation gain!
    7.5 hours start to finish
    22,000 steps (seems a little low, Laurie had more like 26,000)
    2 snakes (garters)
    10,000,000 chipmunks
    12 or so other hikers
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    Nice! That's a great hike.

    I think you did it the hard way even though you end up with less mileage and a little less ele the way you went. Just feels like it'd be more strenuous climbing in and out of all those cols as you backtrack. FWIW... the walk back along Northwest Bay isn't as flat as it looks on the map. That's 5.1 miles with 850 feet of cumulative ele gain once you add up all the ups/downs. The total hike if you do the loop is 13.7 and 3850' of ele.... at least that's what I came up with when I was there in September.


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      We climbed it in August and it was hot as blazes! We did the entire loop and thought the return trail from the tip of the tongue would never end. I was thinking that mid- to late-fall views would be great along much of the trail, and not just the summits. Was that the case? Any rattlesnakes come out for Laurie?
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        Great hike, similar to a High Peak with all the ups & downs. Rattlers go into hibernation sometime in Sept. Best time, IMO, is Columbus Day for foliage and lack of boats on the lake.


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          The views from the Fifth Peak lean-to are the best that l know of form a lean-to... and then the views from French Point Mountain and First Peak get even better. Another bonus is the open terrain provides unlimited bushwhack options. With all the PUD's you can also get as much cardio as you like... kind of like going from the Pinnacle to Blake and Colvin.