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Three days in the Adirondacks --- 9/29 thru 10/1

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  • Three days in the Adirondacks --- 9/29 thru 10/1

    This past weekend I spent three days in the Adirondacks. Two out hiking on beautiful days and one at a festival just inside the blue line that you had to see to believe.

    Friday 9/29/17 -- Bald Peak

    The takeaway from Friday's hike to Bald Peak is that the views were as promised and spectacular. A tremendous hike even if you don't continue all the way over to RPR.

    I started out in New Russia mid-morning and wouldn't see another hiker until I reached the summit. The forest was very peaceful and it's a pretty walk (climb) for the first few miles until you reach the cut-off trail that heads to Blueberry Cobbles. I took the short climb to find a few lovely views but no blueberries. Bad timing for blueberry picking I suppose. I rejoined the main trail a few minutes later and made the short climb up to Mason Mountain. A bonus summit on the day! I took a short break then continued on. It's only another 750 foot climb or so to the top of Bald from Mason but it's broken up by stunning view after stunning view. I stopped several times to take pictures and soak in the scenery. One of the top views in all the Adirondacks if you ask me.

    I arrived at the summit and found only one other person there - forum member brandtb who was taking pictures. We chatted for a long while as we enjoyed the views. The day was absolutely gorgeous as well. Only 44 degrees when I exited the car to start but was in the mid-50's in the afternoon. Blue skies all day. Just perfect hiking weather. Anyway, I stayed for about forty minutes on the summit. As I was preparing to leave two guys arrived. They had a full traverse over RPR and Giant planned. I only saw two other hikers ascending as I descended and that was it. A very quiet outing on a sublime day.

    The hike comes in at just under eight miles with around 2750 feet of cumulative elevation gain. Call it 2400 feet from trailhead to summit. Add in another 150 for the extra climb up to Blueberry Cobbles plus 100 more you need to regain in each direction around the summit of Mason Mt which is the only other up/down along the entire trail. Not a difficult hike but enough to get the blood pumping a little.

    The one shortcoming of the hike was that the fall colors was quite blah. Not very vibrant at all. Compared to last fall's incredible autumnal palette this fall has been a huge disappointment. But it was a great day anyway. And I completed another list as well - the Adirondack 29. Never heard of it? Well... it's been around for several years now and it seems to pop up in every article and tourism web site that discusses Adirondack hiking challenges. I've yet to meet anybody actually working the list but it's a pretty good roster of 29 mountains with short to medium distance hikes where you can enjoy outstanding views. So, good list but poor execution. There's no club per se. No member list. No patch or other recognition. It's kinda just a list that is hanging out there.

    view from Blueberry Cobbles...

    view of the Dixes from between Mason and Bald...

    view southeast from between Mason and Bald. Blueberry Cobbles and Mason at bottom in foreground...

    view southwest from below Bald's summit...

    view east toward Vermont...

    view north to Hurricane (at left of pic) from Bald's summit...

    view west of RPR and Giant from Bald's summit...

    view northwest of Green Mountain from summit of Bald...

    some interesting trees along the way...

    Saturday 9/30/17 -- Whitehall Sasquatch Calling Festival

    Whitehall is home to a famous Sasquatch sighting/encounter back in the 1970's. And this past Saturday the 2nd Annual Sasquatch Calling Festival took place in town. Referring to it a festival is a bit of a stretch. Held in the back yard of Busty's Brew & BBQ, there were less than 50 people in attendance. The local press said they expected 1000 people! Wishful thinking as the parking lot fits a dozen cars at most. It all was a bit depressing and rinky-dink and the cold gray day cast a pall over the event. I attended with a buddy and his two young sons. We had some laughs and enjoyed the spectacle of it all despite the thin crowd. The big event of the day was the Sasquatch Calling Contest. One of my buddy's sons won the junior division with a stellar guttural scream/call in front of the gathered crowd of Squatch enthusiasts. It was a fun day out with friends but not quite the festival-like atmosphere we were all expecting.

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    Sunday 10/1/17 -- Rogers Rock and Jabe Pond

    The capper to my three days inside the blue line took me to the town of Hague on the western shore of Lake George. I hadn't been up to Rogers Rock since 2009 so I paid a visit to one of the most famous landmarks on the lake. The stories of Rogers Rangers captivated me as a kid and to this day still enjoy the history associated with the area. I pulled into Rogers Rock Campground late morning, paid the day use fee, and parked at campsite #210 where the trail starts. Well... more accurately... the herdpath. This is not a marked trail but it was easy to follow even with leaves on the ground. After a short walk you come to a giant arrow made of rocks pointing the way up the steep climb that takes you onto the summit ridge. I don't recall the arrow from my last visit and it's total overkill. Comically large and if you need it to navigate you really shouldn't be out there. The climb is short but very steep (and fun) and soon you're back on flat ground on top. There's a well-worn path running along the cliff's edge for the next half mile or so. It goes up and over three bumps as numerous spectacular views of Lake George and the surrounding mountains reveal themselves along the way. Plenty of places to stop and enjoy the scenery. I had the place entirely to myself. It was awesome. I took my time, took plenty of pictures, and enjoyed the day. I meandered a bit on my way back along the cliffs and found a few other herdpaths running parallel to the one I took coming in but they all dumped back at the same spot at the top of the steep climb. It's nearly impossible to get turned around here given the huge handrail of the cliffs and precipitous drop to a certain death just feet from where you're walking. I made it down safely and was quickly back at my car.

    The last stop of the day was at Jabe Pond just outside of Hague, west of Silver Bay. I drove about halfway down the dirt/gravel access road until I couldn't negotiate a steep soft section in my low clearance vehicle. Rather than risk getting stuck I backed down the hill and parked at a pull-off about 0.4 miles from the pond. I quickly covered that distance on foot and came to the parking area at the end of the road. It held a handful of cars but I didn't see anybody out on my short trip. I first stopped at Little Jabe Pond which is about a quarter mile walk north from the parking area. It was a quick stop for pictures there then it was back to the parking area and down the trail a few hundred feet to Jabe Pond. It's a hidden little gem just a mile and a half from the hustle and bustle of Lake George and a very pretty area if you're looking to do some kayaking or fishing. Another quickie stop and I headed back to my car. Overall, another beautiful day out. Bluebird day on Lake George and had the trails to myself. How can you beat that?

    the giant rock arrow pointing the way up...

    Anthony's Nose

    view south down Lake George from Rogers Rock..

    Cook Mountain

    view from end of trail...

    looking south back toward Anthony's Nose...

    This weather-beaten tree clings to the edge of the cliff...

    Little Jabe Pond

    Jabe Pond


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      Cheers Makwa...nice to meet you there and now to see some of the memories of such a nice day in the ADKs. I'll have to put Jabe Pond on the list.


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        Nice report...You learn something new every day: I thought the only "Anthony's Nose" was opposite Bear Mt. in the Hudson Highlands...


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        Where is the "weather beaten tree", you mentioned a cliff?


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          Originally posted by brandtb View Post
          Where is the "weather beaten tree", you mentioned a cliff?
          It's along the edge of the trail on top of Rogers Rock. Approx location is marked with a red arrow below. The trail follows the edge of the cliff/ rock face/ slab where the tight contour lines show on the map. The tree is between the bend in the trail to the left (where the tight contour lines change from north/south to east/west) and the first unlabeled bump. 2nd bump being the one next to "Rogers Slide" and the third at 1027'.

          Rogers Rock as seen from Lake George...


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            Fantastic, thanks for the very helpful info. Beautiful slide. /B