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Cliff, Skylight, Gray, Redfield, Marshall 9/10-12

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  • Cliff, Skylight, Gray, Redfield, Marshall 9/10-12

    Sunday I hiked in to Uphill. My basic plan was to hike in Sunday, hike Skylight and Gray Monday, Cliff and Redfield Tuesday and hike out Wednesday. I had Marshall as a maybe.

    The hike in from Upper Works wasn't too bad. A bit of mud but nothing memorable. Crossing Calamity Brook was easy, even with a full pack.

    I got to Uphill about 11:30 and chatted with a few of those vacating the lean-to. Everything was wet, so as they packed up, I unpacked behind them. The lean-to was full both four-day and Saturday, but I'd end up having it to myself the next two nights.

    It was early, so I went up Cliff. In the way in, a hiker said he went in up to his knee in mud on Cliff. I was careful and did not. The trail was easy to follow: stay in the mud or go straight up. The only notable thing was a bit of the trail shared with Redfield seems to have eroded into the brook. It's just a short section and easily navigated on rocks. When I got back, the other lean-to tenants were packing up for a late hike out through Avalanche Pass. I had all of Uphill to myself Sunday night.

    The hike out to four corners was just fine. Nothing notable, but wow is Lake Tear beautiful. Skylight, too. The hike up Skylight was pleasant the whole way. It's such a nice hike. Gray was a little muddy, and the two rock ledges are so eroded. The pile of lumber at the steep bit was still there.

    I got back to Uphill about 2:00, but a fresh pair of socks had me ready to go up Redfield. There were a few places I had to pause and look at the dirty rocks to find the trail, but I was always able to find the way.

    Back at Uphill, I'd gained two tent neighbors but still had the lean-to to myself. An observation on Uphill: DEC has two marked camp sites, but the second was a mud pit.

    At this point I was a full day ahead of my original schedule. So today I packed down to Herbert Brook. I left my overnight gear at the lean-to and hiked up Marshall. I had no issue with the wandering herd paths. I saw a couple spurs but always opted for the bigger mud hole and was always right. I didn't expect so much mud near the summit, and producing it with a trekking pole found at least one deep spot. On the way down I slipped on moss on the brook. I got a little wet and took a hit to my ego, but I was otherwise fine.

    The hike out was a bit of a death march, but I got to Upper Works about 4:15. When I went to sign out, the log book had been archived, and my page went with it.

    The trails do seem to be drying up after three clear days. There's still a lot of mud, but it was better Tuesday than it was Sunday.

    This trip gets me to 44. I need Basin and Colden. Back at Flowed Lands I was all set to hike Basin tomorrow, but five miles later I changed my mind.
    46/46 11/46W

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    Sounds like a great few days. Good luck on 45 and 46!
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