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    After Seymour, the Sewards, 2/3 of the Santanonis and Allen it was time for some candy. That opportunity came Saturday with my wife on Dial & Nippletop. We hit the trailhead parking lot around 7:00 and could not believe how packed it was. The holiday weekend and forecast for Sunday probably had something to do with it. The temperature was around 30 and we brought jackets just in case. After seeing other hikers dressed in shorts we had second thoughts and left them in the back seat of the truck. About 30 minutes into the hike our long sleeve shirts were traded for short sleeve and the gloves were gone as well.

    We went on a clockwise loop along the Leach Trail hit both mountains and returned along Gill Brook. The Leach Trail was incredible! Not a lot of erosion, practically no mud, easy to follow, excellent scenery along the way, and not very steep at all. What a treat after the other trails I / we have been on this summer and the condition they were in due to all the rain. Speaking of trail conditions, thanks to the people that built the new bridge and bog planking between the ponds at the bottom of Nippletop. Your efforts are very much appreciated!

    These were mountains 11 and 12 for my wife and #28 for me having done Nippletop two years ago. It still has some of the best views in my opinion and going back has been a goal. Mrs Fat Man and I drained our batteries from all the photos we took which prevented us from making good time and resulted in barely made it out without our headlamps. As I was signing us out I noticed that the other couple that signed in right behind us did the same two mountains in only eight hours. Guess they forgot their camera.

    Taking my boots off at the truck I saw something fall off them that I have not seen all summer: dust. What a refreshing change.

    Next up on my to do list is Dix & Hough on 9/16 weather depending. Yeah, I like dry(ish) trails and blue skies....


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    Sweet! It's nice to treat yourself to something a bit less taxing now and then.
    We don't stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing ~ Satchel Paige


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      Sounds like an awesome day. I plan on doing these at the end of the month. Any reason in particular you chose clockwise? I was thinking counterclockwise myself, simply to ascend the steeper part and walk in on the Lake Rd with the headlamp, then take my time walking out via the Leach trail.


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        It was an awesome day! We went clockwise because I read read some reports that complained about the Leach Trail being tedious. Having done Nippletop two years ago via Gill Brook I knew what to expect. We figured that getting the unknown out of the way first was the way to go. As it turns out I don't think either way is better or worse than the other. Enjoy!